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Fundamentals of Security - Conceptual Security Approaches


The office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Skopje and the University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in Bitola have jointly published the university book "Fundamentals of Security - Conceptual Security Approaches" by professor Marjan Gjurovski, PhD.

The publication is a complex scientific paper based on a broadly developed theoretical framework for research on security concepts supported by systematic collection of facts and their subsequent analysis used in the presentation and development of security concepts. 

The university textbook emphasizes that security is a complex phenomenon and, in essence, not only because of its unattainable nature and content, given the time and place in which it is discussed, but also because of the fact that the discussion on security is inevitably linked to other categories: fear (for physical survival), absence of structural violence, peace, well-being and stability. As a political conception, security is obviously a prerequisite for the existence of life – both individual and societal, and refers to the absence of threats and protection from them. The understanding of security as an innate interest of each individual and the wider human collectives, such as family, society, nation, state, and international system, indicates the need to extend the concept of security to these collectives. Hence, concepts such as national and international security and, more recently, individual, social and global security are established in theory, which indicates a significant expansion of new security dimensions, the textbook states.

The textbook that will be included in the security studies, criminalistics and criminology at the Faculty of Security in Skopje, in the first, second and third cycle of studies, states that the problem of national security should be understood as a systemic security problem in which both individuals and countries, as well as the international system have their share, in which economic, social and environmental factors are as important as political and military ones.


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