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Food, Water and occupational safety (Chin. version)

by Dong Li Sheng
Having to cope with several severe food scandals in the last zears, the Chinese government is trying to improve the implementation of food, water and labour inspection. Coordination difficulties between inspection agencies on the central and local administrations become evident in these areas. KAS Beijing and the Graduate School of CASS organized an international conference on food, water and labour safety in September 2009. The conference papers have been published in this volume.

The articles included in the book are based on presentations at the KAS/CASS Symposium held in Beijing on September 18-19, 2009. They address the following safety and protection fields which have raised increasing concern by the authorities and the public alike: food safety, water protection, industrial safety. There is a broad agreement that all three require improvements which have to be achieved under difficult conditions. The papers tackle these issues from the perspectives of administration and governance, answering such questions as how central-lower tier government relations affect the efficiency and effectiveness of safeguarding and improving standards. More specifically, the articles highlight the following points:

  • appropriateness of the legal framework and of the attribution of tasks to different institutions;
  • appropriateness of legislation and norm-making processes for reforms eventually required;
  • actors’ interests, market forces, decision-making dynamics as conditions for the implementation of safety and protection measures;
  • oversight, monitoring and control of the implementation of safety and protection measures;
  • rewards and sanction mechanisms in relation to safety and protection measures;
  • beneficiaries and groups affected by compliance or non-compliance with safety and protection standards.


  • Foreword

    Wolfgang Meyer and Xiaoyong Huang

  • Food and Industrial Safety and Water Protection: Relations between Central and Sub-National Governments from Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness Perspectives: An Overview

    Lisheng Dong

  • Food Safety and Government Supervision in China: the Challenges during the Era of Economic Transition

    Jie Yun

  • Capacity Building for China’s Food Safety Supervision and Management after the Enactment of the Law on Food Safety

    Yongning Wu

  • The Three Models of the Multi-level Government Supervision Framework for Food Safety

    Peng Fan

  • Food and Industrial Safety Management in Baden-Württemberg from the Perspective of the Vertical Management Structure

    Eberhard Trumpp

  • The Failure of Government Regulation on Food Industry: An Analysis based on the Theory of Regulator Captivity

    Jianfang Wu

  • The Consuetude of Ethnic Minority to Protect Water Resources in the Mountain Area of Southwest China

    Yanping Yang et al

  • A Comparative Analysis on the Regulation and Incentive Policies for Drainage of Rainwater in Urban Areas in China and Abroad

    Junqi Li, Yang Liu & Wu Che

  • The “Three in One” Model of the Government Management of Water Resources

    Silin Li

  • A Review of Laws, Regulations and Supervision System of the Industrial Safety in China

    Zongzhi Wu

  • German Industrial Safety System

    Uwe Lübking''e Lübking''Lübking''bking''ing''g'''

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