Objective & Concept


Through the global exchange of knowledge, concepts and best practices within an international cooperation, young local politicians are enabled to develop politically competitive plans for their cities which meet the changing requirements of a rapidly urbanising environment and provide a high quality of life for residents. This is the case when Sustainability (ecological, economic and social development), Security, Education, Health, Culture and Recreation are developed with an integrated approach so that they can support and promote each other.


Selected young politicians form the nucleus of the Strong Cities 2030 Network. They represent cities and countries that are geo-strategically important not only for their respective regions but also as partners for Germany and Europe. Through the strengthening of these cities and making them globally more competitive, the influence of a free democratic order in the world is promoted. The members of the network take it upon themselves to define topics and the methods of the cooperation. The intensive collaboration between policy makers and experts from different sectors of urban development (from academia, business, government, civil society, NGO's) forms the basis for global learning as well as for the joint development and local implementation of integrated solutions.


Christina Teichmann