Think Tank Report

Think Tank Report 1/2019

Insights into the agendas of international think tanks

In the Think Tank Report 1/2019 we take a look at: Citizens who hack for a good cause | 3D printable guns | How Russia is continuously expanding its sphere of influence in Africa | Agile terrorism against high-tech military | When the price of oil becomes predictable | Popular Polish employers - a look at the labour market of tomorrow | Will China really be on top of the technology world in 2025? | Positive effects of migration in rural regions | and many more
Think Tank Report
December 13, 2018
Think Tank Report 5/2018

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About this series

As political impetus provider and internationally operating think tank the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is looking for topics, ideas and personalities of tomorrow. We are interested in how other international think tanks define future trends and which solutions they identify to respond to them. To provide a general overview and in order to find answers to these questions, we set up the Think Tank Report. It observes global trends and relevant future topics and tries to conclude with comprehensive ideas.

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