Religion, Integration and Family Policy

The team on religion, integration and family policy addresses the dynamism and outcome of change in the German society. Examining areas like the development of the family as a social entity, the team also investigates the demographic processes caused by the ageing of the population. Further issues include imbalances in educational opportunities as well as immigration and integration and their impact on and within the German society. The team analyses structural changes on a scientific base, evaluates from a Christian Democratic perspective. The results are given as recommendations to politics and public.



Team member

Elisabeth Hoffmann

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Coordinator for Education, Family Policy and Youth +49 2241 246-2515
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Patricia Ehret


Kirchen und Religionsgemeinschaften +49 030 26 996 3784 +49 030 26 996 3551
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Ira Tsiflidis

Sachbearbeiterin +49 30 26996 3273
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Kerstin Haacks

Secretary +49 2241 246-2336