Marcos Brindicci, Reuters

Talking Much, Changing Little

Relations with Russia in the Wake of Trump

The inauguration of Trump has not led to a radical shift in the way the United States and its European partners conduct policy in the post-Soviet space. It is true that Trump’s rhetoric expresses a sense of rapprochement that at times borders on admiration for Moscow. Yet, driven by Congress and large parts of the cabinet, the US has a second policy towards Russia that continues to pursue the fundamental elements of its traditional foreign policy. Despite a few differences, continuity prevails.

Carlos Barria, Reuters.

The Fast-Forward President

How Donald Trump Accelerates Long-Term Trends

Hopes that Western allies would be able to better assert themselves following US mid-term elections are unfounded; preparations for the current political position begun long ago. However, new agreements remain possible. Within the US, resistance to President Trump’s position is growing.

Marcos Brindicci, Reuters.

Trump, China, and Europe

What Remains of the “Pivot to Asia”

Donald Trump’s presidency has brought numerous global changes, not least for the Indo-Pacific region. In addition to the confrontational trade policy that primarily affects China, other countries in the region have also faced numerous challenges in the past two years.

Carlos Barria, Reuters.

“America First”

Transatlantic Relations in the Trump Era

Contrary to all the isolationist noise Trump made during the campaign, America’s foreign policy continues to be one that is more focused on global involvement and is strongly unilateral in nature. Whereas the political culture and style as well as the forms of international relations, even with allies, have radically changed, the essential elements of Trump’s foreign and security policy tend to be in line with those of the two previous US presidents.

Goran Tomasevic, Reuters

Stand der Rückkehrpolitik in Deutschland

Freiwillige Rückkehr und Abschiebung

Dieser Beitrag informiert über den Stand der Rückkehrpolitik in Deutschland

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America Alone

Transatlantische Herausforderungen im Bereich Klima und Energie

© Carlos Barria, Reuters.

Der Fast-Forward-Präsident

Inwiefern Donald Trump vor allem langfristige Trends beschleunigt

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Die ersten zwei Jahre Donald Trumps als 45. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten haben das Vertrauen der Europäer in die USA als Partner stark in Mitleidenschaft gezogen und die transatlantischen Beziehungen belastet. Die vorliegende Bestandsaufnahme zur amerikanischen Außenpolitik unter Trump, die sich der tatsächlichen Zusammenarbeit zwischen Europa und den USA in fünf Regionen und fünf Politikfeldern widmet, zeichnet dennoch ein differenziertes Bild mit einigen Lichtblicken.

© Joshua Roberts, Reuters.

Ein transatlantisches Relikt?

Zur Zukunft der WTO und ihrer Rolle für die transatlantischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen

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Die europäische Perspektive auf die transatlantischen Beziehungen

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