Illicit Financial Flows as an Obstacle to Development

The phenomenon of Illicit Financial Flows has been receiving increasing attention in recent years, especially in the discussion on the financing of development cooperation. Investors as well as developing countries have recognized the dangers and side effects that are not limited to financial losses for the state concerned, but also question its statehood in general.

On the Other Side of Crisis or Back on the Brink?

Outlook on the 2015 Presidential Elections in Ivory Coast

The outcome of the presidential elections in Côte d'Ivoire in 2010 has deepened the political division of the country. This year's presidential elections are therefore followed internationally with great attention. A new escalation is currently unlikely. The reason lies not only in the expected victory of the incumbent, but can also be traced back to the emergence of the social awareness of a superior national interest.

The "2030 Agenda" – More Privatization, less Democracy?

A New Direction for Global and European Development Policies

The global consequences of migration, climate change, wars and conflicts require a truly global partnership between developing and emerging countries on the one hand and developed countries on the other. The success of the 2030 Agenda will not only be measured by new forms of financing, but also by the realization of democracy and the rule of law as well as by the observance of human rights.

Time to Rethink EU Strategy?

The European Union’s Role in the Palestinian Territories and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The EU’s hope to politically influence the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to contribute to a lasting peace in the region has not been fulfilled. Particularly in view of the current situation in the region, the EU must take more responsibility in resolving the Middle East conflict and prove the efficiency of its investments.

Towards a New Development Agenda

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Towards a New Development Agenda

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Towards a New Development Agenda

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In the current edition of the International Reports we also offer an epub-version. You can download the version via the link on the right side.

#newactors, #oldproblems

How the digital sphere changes the information process and the media landscape in Africa

Blogs and online content contribute significantly to opinion diversity in Africa today. Because of that, they are increasingly monitored by federal agencies, which aim to more strictly define the grey zone between journalism, blog-writing and opinion stating in social media. It is especially against this backdrop that digital opinion makers deserve more attention and support.

Clear Election Winners – Uncertain Outlook

A Review of the General Election in the UK

Buoyed by his impressive election victory, Cameron may well be able to save the UK from a "Brexit". Should he succeed, the outcome of the election of 7 May would be a good result for Europe.


The world is complicated and full of contradictions, which occasionally forces people to relinquish supposed certainties and revise old prejudices. There are also prejudices circulating vis-à-vis Africa. Former German President Horst Köhler once referred to this succinctly when he said: "Where Africa is concerned, many people think mainly of words beginning with a "c": crises, conflict, catastrophes, chronic diseases, corruption…". Of course, this is only half the truth.

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