Georgian-Russian Relations

Between Necessity and Ambivalence

Tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi have eased to a certain extent. However, there are limits to a fundamental improvement of Georgian-Russian relations. As long as Russia continues to use military power and political pressure as its main foreign policy instruments, the relationship between the two countries will remain marred by confrontation, distrust and fear.

Inconclusiveness As a Guiding Principle?

Six Decades of South Korean Unification Policy

The question of the quality of inter-Korean relations and the inevitably associated debate on the reunification of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula do not generally lead to escalations in everyday politics in South Korea. On the contrary: There is the impression that this issue is on the country’s political agenda particularly because it is considered "good form" to address it.

Japan 70 Years on from the End of the War

Balancing Act en Route to a New Security Architecture

The conservative head of government, Shinzo Abe, is due to make a statement in mid-August on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender. Experts worldwide have already been discussing the content of this statement for months. The main question is the wording that will be used to acknowledge Japan’s role in World War II and as a colonial power.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

Retreat or Repositioning?

With his foreign policy approach based on “strategic patience” and “leading from behind”, Barack Obama seemed to implement a change of course. When taking stock of his presidency, however, Obama’s achievements appear modest. He leaves a number of unresolved issues in the areas of foreign and security policy. His successor will not only be tasked with redefining the USA’s leading role but also reforming its security apparatus.

Security Policy and Resolution of Crises

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Security Policy and Resolution of Crises


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Security Policy and Resolution of Crises


In the current edition of the International Reports we also offer a epub-version. You can download the version via the link at the bottom.

“The Potential Role of Germany in the Globalised World of the 21st Century”

A Speech Given on 27 November 2014 to Mark the 30th Anniversary of KAS International Reports

Many formerly national policy fields are matters of international politics today, as these cannot be addressed by one nation alone. Germany’s success after 1945 would not have been possible without support and exchange with the world. Today we should pass on Germany’s achievements in realms such as democracy, civil society and education to the world so that other countries may benefit from them. In this context, political foundations make a major contribution.

Can the EU be a Source of Ideas and Soft Power in Asia?

Unlike the United State of America, when it comes to issues of security policy the EU and its individual Member States are no major players in Asia. However, the EU has obligated itself in a number of treaties to act as a “normative power” in its foreign relations. In this regard, the EU’s influence as role model and soft power is apparent in South East Asia’s regionalism as well as Asian discourses on human rights, democracy and good governance.

Contemporary Conflicts and Value-Driven Policy

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