Open Markets, Prosperity and Global Standards

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The TTIP negotiations are strongly criticized by many consumers in Germany, especially with regard to their (alleged) opaque nature, the creation of an International Investment Court and the supposedly lower level of consumer protection in the US. In view of Europe’s waning economic influence, it is imperative to seize the opportunity of a meaningful transatlantic economic area and to exert more influence on the new international economic order.

Taking Confucius to Africa

How foreign cultural policy conveys China’s voice and perspective to the world

Looking at numbers, the expansion of China’s foreign policy institutions and programs related to culture is impressive. Over a short period of time, China has become an important global actor in the realm of foreign cultural policy. By using the cultural “factor”, the Peoples Republic seeks to convey its social and political values, for which it is heavily criticized.

The End of the Status Quo?

A Contribution to the Debate on Normalization and Anti-Normalization in Palestinian Society

The issue of normalization is widely discussed in Palestinian society. Opinions on whether and in what form Palestinians should enter into dialogue with Israelis diverge dramatically and split the Palestinian society. It is striking that openness to dialogue has waned considerably in almost all strata of Palestinian society over the past few years.

The Security Policy Dimension of Transatlantic Relations

In the Context of the Ukraine Crisis and the Strengthening of the CSDP

In the face of new challenges such as the Ukraine crisis, the United States encourages intensification of the Common Security and Defense Policy. In the context of the development of a joint approach related to security policy, the European allies’ increasing readiness to take on a leadership role and intense cooperation between the EU and the US, the Ukraine crisis can be viewed as a catalyst for the elevation of transatlantic cooperation to new levels.

The Ties That Bind

German and American Youth, and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship

The current change due to economic shifts and cultural transformation in the German-American relationship is not a crisis, but rather an opportunity. Young Americans and Germans will have the chance to build a new relationship based on their deeply held values as they seek to advance democratic values and economic opportunities in our new multi-polar, pluralistic, and economically growing world.

Transatlantic Relations

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Transatlantische Beziehungen

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Transatlantische Beziehungen

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"Where Do You See Yourself in 50 Years’ Time?"

Outlook on the Factors Influencing the Development of German-Israeli Relations

How will the German-Israeli relationship develop in the coming decades? After 50 years of good, by now even excellent relations between Germany and Israel, it is imperative to raise the question of which consequences need to be drawn from an examination of the situation from both a historical and present-day perspective.


50 years on from the agreement sealing the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, relations between the two countries are in a state that seems almost a miracle. What started out as tentative political “probing” between Germany and the young State of Israel has developed into a stable foundation. It remains an important task not only to deepen the cooperation, but to open up new fields of bilateral collaboration.

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