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Reuters / Sputnik Photo Agency

Russia: Nuclear Dangers and Risks of Escalation

The global security situation is extremely tense. Disputes are hardening and the global conflict between liberal democracies and authoritarian systems is intensifying. The war in Ukraine is not just a war between two former Soviet republics, but a systemic conflict. The assessment of the risks of escalation is a matter of debate. UN Secretary-General António Guterres tells the UN General Assembly in New York: "I fear the world is not sleepwalking into a major war - I fear it is doing so with its eyes wide open". In a speech to both chambers of the Russian parliament on 21 February 2023, Vladimir Putin did fall short of the expectations of Russian hardliners calling for an even more brutal war in Ukraine, not shying away from calls for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. However, Putin announced the unilateral freezing of the "New Start" nuclear disarmament treaty.

Reuters / Gleb Garanich

Republic of Moldova: Political and Social Impact One Year after the Start of the War in Ukraine

Leaving Moscow's Sphere of Influence: A Tough Battle

The pro-European reform forces won the elections in Moldova in 2020 and 2021. Since then, they have been trying to extricate the country from Moscow's sphere of influence in times of war in Ukraine and thus under the most difficult conditions imaginable. Receiving EU candidate status in June 2022 was a milestone on this path. But Moscow will not let Moldova go without a fight. Even if it does not currently look like a military confrontation, there are many other means for the Russian leadership to torpedo the small country's reform path towards the EU. But the Republic of Moldova is fighting back.

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Selbstbestimmtes Leben? Die Situation von Menschen mit Behinderungen im Senegal

Inklusion weltweit – aktueller Stand aus dem Senegal

Ca. 6 Prozent der Bevölkerung im Senegal leben mit einem Handicap. Unter anderem sind Landminen eine der Ursachen für Versehrtheit, aber auch Unfälle und die schlechte Gesundheitsvorsorge. Stigmatisierung ist immer noch ein Teil der tief verankerten Vorurteile in der Gesellschaft. Gesetze und Konventionen existieren, aber die Umsetzung ist eine Mammutaufgabe.

REUTERS / Juan Carlos Ulate

Deportation to freedom

Nicaragua remains a state of injustice

Surprisingly for the public, but also for those affected themselves, the Nicaraguan regime released 222 political prisoners to the United States on February 9. However, the supposedly good news has a bitter aftertaste: The deported prisoners were deprived of their citizenship and all the respective rights. In the future, the international community must continue to demand the granting of human rights and a return to democratic processes.

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Latin American women fight for their place in party politics

Quotas and quarrels

It was not only at the last CDU party conference that women's quotas were passionately debated. The question of how to achieve an adequate representation of women in the political arena is also driving Latin American parties. This is especially true for centre-right parties, which are looking for their own answers to the clearly audible feminist movements in the region.

Ovinuchi Prince Ejiohuo / CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Nigeria before the 2023 elections

The crisis-ridden country faces the mammoth logistical task of conducting the biggest elections Africa has ever seen.

More than 93 million Nigerians are called to elect a new president in the continent's most populous country and largest economy. The general elections are taking place amid mounting discontent in the country due to worsening insecurity and economic hardship. Just a few weeks before the elections, Nigeria is facing a complex culmination of problems: fuel and cash scarcity are leading to chaotic and violent situations all over the country. The elections that will decide the country's future differ in several respects from previous elections. The outcome of the elections in this - due to its size, complex politics and interconnected challenges - strategically important country in Africa is eagerly awaited.

REUTERS / Karen Toro

Correísmo On The Rise Again

The Government of Ecuador suffers a heavy electoral defeat

On Sunday, February 05, 2023, Ecuador held "sectional elections" to elect, on a nationwide level, the prefects of the country's 23 provinces, 221 mayors, 1,527 city councilors, as well as 7 members of the Council for Citizen Participation (CPCCS). In addition, a constitutional referendum proposed by the government was held concurrently with the election to address issues of security, the environment, and the structure of the state. With a voter turnout of approximately 80.74 % of the population, the "Correísmo" scored an overwhelming victory in both the elections and the referendum. The results of the elections and the rejection of all the questions put to the vote in the referendum are a debacle for both the current government and the Christian Social Party, and will determine the political future of President Guillermo Lasso.

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Romania: A "hidden champion" of digitalisation?

What does ChatGPT know and what do we know? A conversation with Artificial Intelligence about digitalisation in Romania.

Romania is a "hidden champion" when it comes to digitalisation, at least that's what we often hear. In a dialogue with the artificial intelligence-based chat bot "ChatGPT" from Open AI, we go through some factors that help to assess the degree of digitalisation in Romania. In doing so, we compare what ChatGPT knows on the topic with what we know in the Romania foreign office. Let's see if we can still keep up.

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France also withdraws from Burkina Faso - the new Mali 2.0?

After Mali, France must now withdraw its anti-terror mission from neighbouring Burkina Faso.


Reuter / Willy Kurniawan

ASEAN Matters

Indonesia's chairmanship as an opportunity for more European involvement in the region

Indonesia took over the chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the beginning of the year. With the unresolved conflict in Myanmar and Timor-Leste's accession process to ASEAN launched in 2022, the Indonesian chairmanship faces two major construction sites at once. But the elephant in the room is China's increasingly challenging role in the region. Germany and the EU also have a role to play here.

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