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Presidential election 2023 in Liberia

Peaceful change of power and hope for progress.

Opposition candidate Joseph Boakai replaces incumbent President George Weah in office and becomes the new head of state of the Republic of Liberia. Hopes for the new government are high.

The White House

India and the USA

From "alienated democracies" to global shapers?

The partnership between the world's two largest democracies, India and the USA, is one of the most strategically important of the 21st century. Until recently, it was at an all-time high. However, this was not always the case. It was only at the beginning of the 1990s that both countries gradually emerged from the constraints of the bipolar world order. From a relationship of convenience, a promising working relationship has emerged that extends to many strategic areas - from trade and defense to joint space missions. How did this change come about and what potential do Indo-US relations hold for each other and for the preservation of a free and rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific and beyond?

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Chileans reject a new constitution for the second time

55% of voters again vote against the draft constitution in the plebiscite

More than four years have passed since President Sebastián Piñera's message at the end of 2019, in which he announced the start of the process to draft a new constitution. Since then, Chile has gone through two of these processes, with a total of four elections and two draft constitutions rejected by the citizens - a unique situation by global standards.

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Korea's parties in turmoil

Generation change or carry on as before?

The next regular parliamentary election in South Korea is just under four months away. The conservative People Power Party (PPP) of ruling President Yoon Suk-yeol is hoping to win back the majority from the opposition Minju Party after several years of drought. However, unrest reigns on both sides: resignations, departures and rumours of mergers and new formations. A large proportion of the electorate is still undecided as to who they should vote for on 10 April. The race remains undecided.

Europäischer Rat - Dezember 2023

Feuerwerk zum Jahresende: Der komplizierteste Ratsgipfel seit Covid

Beim letzten Ratsgipfel des Jahres 2023 sollte es nochmal um viel gehen. Bereits im Vorfeld wurde darüber spekuliert, dass dies der komplizierteste Gipfel seit der Pandemie werden und mitunter in die Verlängerung gehen könnte. Es ist nicht ganz so dramatisch gekommen, wie zunächst angenommen. Gleichwohl mussten die Staats- und Regierungschefs, unter denen sich nun auch erstmals wieder der frischgebackene Ministerpräsident Polens, Donald Tusk, und der luxemburgische Premier Luc Frieden befanden, einige Themen in den Januar schieben. So konnte der Ukraine zwar mit dem Beschluss zur Aufnahme von Beitrittsverhandlungen eine konkrete EU-Beitrittsperspektive eingeräumt werden, jedoch wurden weitere Finanzhilfen mitsamt dem mehrjährigen Finanzrahmen erstmal in den Januar vertagt. Ähnlich ging es auch beim Thema Nahost zu, wo die Fronten verhärtet scheinen und daher keine gemeinsame Position gefunden werden konnte. Das Thema wird ebenfalls im Januar wieder aufgegriffen werden. Fortschritte konnten hingegen bei den Themen Sicherheit und Verteidigung und der Strategischen Agenda gemacht werden. Der große Durchbruch kurz vor Weihnachten blieb somit aus, wenngleich der Gipfel wohl aus ukrainischer Perspektive historisch sein dürfte.

Ninni Andersson/Regeringskansliet

Challenges for Sweden one year after forming the government

Government loses support, Sweden Democrats make gains

The Kristersson government has been in office for a year with the support of the right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats under the Tidö-Agreement.

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Preliminary report on the elections in Serbia

Possible changes due to early parliamentary elections

On December 17 Serbia will hold early Parliamentary Elections, Local Elections for 65 municipalities and Regional Elections for the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The elections are a result of societal and political tensions, which were sharpened following two mass shootings in Belgrade and Mladenovac in May 2023 and the intensified tensions with Kosovo. The short and intensive election campaign is marked by increasing polarization. Regardless of the results, Serbia will face great internal and external political challenges in the coming year.

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"Swish and Vote" in Estonia

Voting via smartphone soon?

After five years, the European Parliament elections will be held again in 2024. From June 6th to June 9th, 2024, over 448 million Europeans will be asked to cast their votes for various parties. People in Estonia are waiting with anticipation for the next European elections. If the current Estonian government of the Kallas III cabinet (centre-left coalition) is successful, Estonians will be able to cast their votes via smartphone for the first time in this election. Is this the next step in the progressive digitalisation of the country, or a neck-breaking move at the expense of democracy?

Der Blick auf das slowakische Gesundheitswesen aus dem Ausland

Die Konferenz des Verbandes der Gesundheitskräfte im Ausland über neue Lösungen für das slowakische Gesundheitswesen.

Der Verband der Gesundheitsfachkräfte im Ausland organisierte am 11.11.2023 in Bratislava die 1. Konferenz zum Thema Gesundheit und Gesundheitspolitik. An der Konferenz nahmen slowakische Gesundheitsfachkräfte teil, die ins Ausland gegangen sind, um dort zu arbeiten, und über reiche Arbeitserfahrungen aus entwickelten Ländern der Welt verfügen.


Russia in the Middle East

Strategies and Interests

Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel and the resurgence of a hot Middle East conflict in October 2023 is attracting the attention not only of regional actors but also of the global community. Russia's reaction in particular is being watched with great interest. Russia, as the legal successor state of the Soviet Union, has a deep-rooted history of engagement in the Middle East. In addition to current Russian reactions to the Middle East conflict, this report is dedicated to the historical role of the Soviet Union and Russia in the region and highlights Russian interests in the Middle East.

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