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KAS / Marija Peran

Nigeria's 2023 Elections

The most influential kingmaker wins the presidency

On February 25, 2023 Nigeria elected a new president and national assembly. Gubernatorial and state parliamentary elections were held on March 18. The results let expect rather the continuation of established power and elite politics instead of the change many, especially young voters have been hoping for.

Reuters / Marko Djurica

Montenegro's New President

Second chance for Montenegro?

Its new President is facing major challenges both in domestic and foreign policies.

Unsplash / Mantas Bytautas

Local elections in Lithuania

Success in the capital, loss in the countryside

Local elections were held in Lithuania on March 5, 2023. The final runoff elections were held on March 19, 2023. Sixteen political parties and 32 political committees participated in the voting. Their representatives competed for the 1,498 municipal council seats and 60 mayoral seats. Voter turnout was 48.97 percent, a slight increase. The Lithuanian Social Democratic Party emerged as the winner of the local elections. The capital Vilnius was won by the Christian Democrats. Party leader Landsbergis is no longer running for party chairman.

Saher Elghorra/TheNews2/imago images

In the crossfire: Without perspective in the midst of nationalist-religious violence

The Situation of Christians in the Palestinian Territories

Christians in the Palestinian Territories live a life between all fronts: Fundamentalist Islamic forces on the one hand and Jewish extremists on the other make life difficult for them. In addition, there is a lack of economic prospects and a rigorous Israeli occupation policy. So, many Christian Palestinians are leaving their home. But with their institutions, they are an important socio-economic factor and a central part of the Palestinian community.

REUTERS / Stoyan Nenov

Elections in Bulgaria

GERB wins in fifth parliamentary election in two years

On April 2nd, parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria for the fifth time in two years. A total of 21 formations - 14 parties and 7 coalitions - fought for the 240 seats in the National Assembly, the Bulgarian parliament, which are allocated on the basis of pure proportional representation.

REUTERS / Reuters Staff

Elections in Finland

Voted to remain happy? With the election victory of the Conservatives, Finland is facing a change of government

A high quality of life, gender equality, the closeness of people to nature, the absence of corruption and the importance of democratic values form the cornerstones of how Finnish society perceives itself. For the sixth year in a row, the United Nations World Happiness Report has named Finland the country with the happiest and most content people in the world based on these criteria.

IMAGO / Zoonar

The Sino-Vietnamese Border Conflict

A Forgotten War?

A review of the ten-year border conflict (1979 to 1989) between China and Vietnam and the culture of remembrance as a reflection of bilateral relations

Pixabay / David Peterson

Lula III: Between Euphoria and Disillusionment

Almost 100 days of the Lula government

The euphoria following the election victory of President Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) in Brazil is being followed by the expected disillusionment about a hundred days after his third inauguration (Lula III) and the West is having to realise that disappointments are quite possible even with this new government.


A year before the general elections in India

Rebirth of the opposition or another term for Modi?

The final countdown is on, with Indian general elections due from May to June 2024. Nothing new for the world's largest democracy, which finds itself in perpetual election mode. In the same year, ten more regional elections will be held in addition to the Lok Sabha elections. Will the man of the last two general elections, Narendra Modi, and his BJP continue to ride the wave of success? Or is the time ripe for a renaissance of the grand old Congress Party and its opposition allies? Also, why has the face of the Congress party and the BJP opposition en large, Rahul Gandhi, lost his parliamentary seat in the wake of a recent court ruling? These are all probing questions for the worlds largest democracy explored in this country report, providing a deep dive into the hearts and minds of the 1 billion eligible Indian voters and their political representatives.

Why Georgia is important

Georgia looks west, Europe should look east

Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock travels to Tbilisi. The visit comes at an important time: last July, the EU held out the prospect of candidate status to Georgia and made it conditional on Georgia's compliance with twelve recommendations, primarily in the areas of the rule of law and the fight against corruption. The most important point related to the depolarisation of the political debate in the country, which escalated in early March with mass protests against a law on agents planned by the government. Once again, Georgians demonstrated impressively that they want to join the EU. For Europe, the country is an important ally in a complicated region surrounded by authoritarian-ruled states (Russia, Iran) and semi-authoritarian-ruled states (Turkey). Georgia is also a key country in the so-called Middle Corridor, an alternative transport link for the movement of goods between East and West that has become crucial to global supply chains as Russia has become isolated.