Africa: Transitions and transformations

After the Arab Spring: Political Islam on the Rise? | New Government or New System? A Special Path for Morocco | The Map of Africa after the Independence of South Sudan | India in Africa – Strengthening Energy Ties and Striding Towards a Strategic Partnership | The USA and Pakistan - A Volatile Partnership | Finland’s New President | Renationalising Europe? Right-wing Populist Parties Are Becoming More Popular, but Not More Unified

International Reports 3/2012

Tunisia and the First Islamist-led Government in North Africa | Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: An Old Issue Becomes a New Challenge | Peru and Chile – Does the Road to Good Neighbourly Relations Lead via The Hague? | Creaky Concordance System – Parliamentary and Governmental Elections in Switzerland | Food in China: Volumes Up, Quality Down? | The Caucasus Emirate – Origins, Ideological Orientation and Risk Status | Hungary: One-Time Poster Child Now Under Closer Scrunity

International Reports 2/2012

Senegal - An Ethnic Mosaic: Historical and Modern Foundations of a Diverse yet Cohesive Country | The Palestinian Diaspora: Palestinian Expatriates and their Impact on the Middle East Conflict | Exile for Lukashenko? How Advocates of Democracy are being Forced to Emigrate from Belarus | Elections in Warsaw, Negotiations in Brussels: Polish Parliamentary Elections and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union | Papua: Challenges for Indonesia’s National Integrity | Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Political Situation Following the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

International Reports 1/2012

Barometer of Public Opinion on the parties of “National Unity” and President Santos - Results of Regional and Local Elections in Colombia | Argentina after the elections: President Kirchner embarks on her second term of office with a strengthened mandate | Daniel Ortega’s Third Term in Office: The Controversial Re-Election of the President of Nicaragua | Pentecostalism in Brazil: Churches, Businesses and Political Parties | Combating Piracy around the Horn of Africa | Demographic Crisis: Russia’s Migration Debate

Auslandsinformationen 2011 (Jahresregister)

International Reports 12/2011

Globalisation from the Bottom up – The Aspiring Middle Classes in Emerging Economies | The Middle Class in Chile – The Characteristics and Evolution 1990-2011 | The Indian Middle-Class: Emerging Cultures of Politics and Economics | China’s Middle Class – A Driving Force for Democratic Change or Guarantors of the Status Quo? | Germany and Japan – Leading Civilian Powers, or Medium-Sized Powers Further Back in the Pack? | Upheaval in Yemen Background and prospects of a rebellion with uncertain outcome

International Reports 11/2011

A Good Connection? – Mobile Phones and Democratisation in sub-Saharan Africa | “Collateral Damage” for the Media - The “News of the World Affair” and the struggle for Press Freedom in Asia | Press Freedom in Mexico – Politics and Organised Crime Threaten Independent Reporting | Free, but Not Independent – The Role of the Media in South East Europe | A Model for Future Multi-Ethnic Coexistence? Macedonia 10 Years After the Ohrid Framework Agreement | Far From Altruistic – China’s Presence in Senegal | The State in the “Third World”

International Reports 9/10/2011

Editorial | Re-Inventing the City? Domestic Migration and Urbanisation in the People’s Republic of China | Indigenous Internal Migration in Bolivia – Causes and Current Challenges | The Republic of Moldova in Focus: Migration and its Risks and Opportunities for the European Union | Transnistria and the Future Security Architecture in Europe | The East African Community. Regional Integration in East Africa – the Gap Between Aspiration and Reality

International Reports 8/2011

The Somali Shabaab Militias and Their Jihadist Networks in the West | The Drug Industry in Peru - From the Holy Leaves to a Political Curse | Elections in Turkey – Another Triumphal Success for the AKP | A Palestinian State in the United Nations? - Prerequisites, Positions and Expectations Before the Meeting of the UN General Assembly | North Korea after Kim Jong Il – Political and social perspectives ahead of the expected change of power

International Reports 7/2011

Finland’s PISA Success: Myth and Transferability | “Therefore Go and Make Disciples of all Nations” – The Significance of Christian Mission Schools for the Education of the African Elite | The Same Education for All? The South African School System 17 Years After the End of Apartheid | On the Road to a Two-Party System? Results and Consequences of Local Elections in South Africa | Somaliland – A Walk on Thin Ice | Cuba after the 6th Party Congress: How Far Will the Reforms go?

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