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International Reports 5/2007

Nigeria Stumbles on the Rocky Road to Democracy | Russia's Policy in the Southern Caucasus | Energy Policy in Chile: From Dependence to Sustainable Development | On the Election of the Chief Executive in Hong Kong. Head of Government or Lieutenant of Beijing?

International Reports 4/2007

European Neighbourhood Policy: Will It Become the Driving Force for Reforms in the Mediterranean Region? | Minimum Wages in the USA | The Pentecostal Movement in Brazil. Liberation of the Poor or Commercial Sham? | Africa’s Expectations of Germany’s Chairing of the G8 and the EU in 2007 | Results of the Fifth Session of the 10th National People's Congress

International Reports 3/2007

The Development of Political Parties in Young Democracies – South Africa | South Africa's Political Opposition Parties | Ten Years of Constitutional Jurisprudence in South Africa | Paraguay at the Crossroads | Aspects of Globalisation in the Successor States of the Soviet Union

International Reports 2/2007

Good Governance – the Paradigm of Contemporary Development Policy. | The Fourth Republic Has Hardly Borne Fruit so Far. Poland's Record of 2006 | Establishing a Two-party System in Russia | The Background and Consequences of the Military Putsch in Thailand | World Power Despite Poverty. India Exists Only in the Plural

International Reports 1/2007

Between Europe and Russia | 'Cold War', Ukrainian Style. | Azerbaijan at the Crossroads in Domestic and Foreign Policy | Five Years after the Taliban | Hugo Chávez Elected President again | The Transition is not yet Complete

International Reports 12/2006

After the 2006 Election: Arrived in the West? On the Development of Party Politics in Slovakia and the Czech Republic / The Future of European-Russian Relations after 2007 / Quid est Europa? Myth, Finality, Utopia, and the European Dream / Extra Time to Think: Political and Legal Options after the Double 'No'. The European Union in the Process of Constitutionalisation / The Renaissance of Russian-Chinese Relations. Vladimir Putin's Rapprochement with the Middle Kingdom / 'So there be Lords in ye Land with us even in olden times' The Church, the Serbs, and the Kosovo

International Reports 11/2006

Problems of International Party Assistance / The Institutionalisation of Political Parties in Latin America: Continuity and Change / Institutionalisation of India's Political Parties / The Institutionalisation of Political Parties in Southeast Asia / The Institutionalisation of Political Parties in Anglophone Africa: Study Results, Causes, and Correlations / The Institutionalisation of Political Parties in Extra-European Regions: Introducing this Issue and its Subject

International Reports 10/2006

On the Necessity of Formulating Germany's Political Interests Vis-à-vis Asia – Options for Germany / The Realignment of Power within Asia and Its Consequences / Japan's Role in Asia's New Power Constellation / Readjustment of Asia's Centres of Power – Its Consequences for the ASEAN States and Related Reactions / India – One of the Winners of Globalisation / China's Involvement in Africa: Trends and Perspectives / The Policy towards Developing Countries – A Field for a Strategic Partnership between Europe and China? / America's Unwritten Policy on Islam: The White House and the Relationship between Terror and Islam. Part 2: Presidential Insights into Islam and Terrorism / Public or Private Funding of the Economic Infrastructure in Developing Countries – Does Lack of Capital Constitute a Development Policy Problem?

International Reports 9/2006

America's Unwritten Policy on Islam: The White House and the Relationship between Terror and Islam. Part 1 / U.S. Midterm Elections 2006: Einwanderungs- und Energiepolitik als innenpolitische Themen im Wahlkamp / Between Piles of Broken Glass and a New Beginning: The Middle East Conflict after the Crisis in Lebanon / Environmental Problems in Today's Russia / Support for Political Politics in New Democracies: Think Party System; Think Globalisation! / Books on Terrorism

International Reports 8/2006

The Foreign Policy of the Lula Government: The Record and Prospects / The Return of Populism to Latin America and the Role of Brazil / Terminus at Brasília. Political Crisis and Election Campaigning in Latin America's Largest Country / Brazilian Energy Policy – Back to Domestic Sources / Politics, Perceptions, and Concerns Regarding the Development of Science and Biotechnology in Brazil / Reinventing the Agrarian Reform / Football and Society in Brazil / A Divided Mexico Chooses Continuity: Felipe Calderón Wins by a Close Vote

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