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25 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Editorial | 25 Years of German-Hungarian Relations since 1989, the Year the Iron Curtain Fell | Perspectives on Reunified Germany - Impressions from Poland | A Review of (West) Germany's Relations with Developing Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa | The German G7 Presidency. An Opportunity to Assume “New Responsibility” in International Politics | A New Long War? The Challenges Presented by the Islamic Caliphate

Rising Middle Classes in Emerging Economies

Editorial | The Middle Classes in Latin America: Media Hype and Detailed Analysis | Brazil’s New Middle Class: Here to Stay? | Black Professionals and the ANC in the 2014 Election: Loosening Ties? | Britain Remains United, but What Now? | Change in Government in the World´s Largest Muslim Country

Trade Relations and Trade Agreements

Editorial | Political Factors in the Negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in the U.S. | Free Trade Agreement between the EU und Vietnam. Difficult Partnership | Inglorious Isolation. Argentina’s economic and financial policies are slowing down trade with its neighbours | Juan Manuel Santos’ second term in office. Colombia divided on its path towards peace

Army and Society

Editorial | An Anchor in Society. The Importance of Soldiers and the Military in the USA | Child Abuse in Conflict. Child Soldiers in Congolese Society | The Relationship Between the Military and Society in Israel. The Entire Nation Is an Army, the Entire Country the Front Line | North Korean Refugees in South Korea. Arduous Escape and Difficult Integration | From an Instrument of Power Politics to Democratic Values. Decentralisation in Morocco

Development, social security and sustainable economies

Editorial | Development Partnerships. Significance of the Mittelstand for Sustainable Development | Development and Social Security in Asia | Resource Wealth and Raw Materials Boom. Challenges for Governance and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa | A People’s Party Reinvented? The Dutch Christian Democrats

Decentralisation and Regional Policies in Africa

Editorial | The Governability of the Multinational State of Nigeria - Is Decentralisation the Solution or Part of the Problem | Decentralised Regional Development Policy in Tunisia: A New Beginning Following the “Arab Spring”? | The European Parliament as the “Driving Force” of the Common Security and Defence Policy | 20 Years of Democracy and the Fifth Parliamentary Elections in South Africa | Internal Spirit of Optimism and Foreign Policy Readjustment: Backgrounds and Perspectives on the New Indian Government

Protests from the Middle Class

Editorial | Politics without Center - Argentina’s Government Ignores the Dissatisfaction of the Growing Middle Class | Vociferous Protest against the Old Elites - Bulgaria’s Young Middle Class Takes to the Street | A Constitution for all Tunisians - New Constitution Provides a Glimmer of Hope – Many Challenges Still Lie Ahead | Senegal, two Years into the Macky Sall Administration - Stability, Better Governance but Few Tangible Results | Hero or Traitor? Differing Perceptions on Edward Snowden, the NSA and Data Production in Germany and the USA

Democracy and the Media

From Secrecy to Common Knowledge – The Right to Information in Serbia and Bulgaria | South Africa’s Protection of State Information Bill: What Are the Lessons Learned for Africa? | Period of Grace for Asian Newspapers: The Internet Revolution Has yet to Come to the Continent | Democracy in South Asia – An Assessment | Socialist Venezuela in 2014: How Did Hugo Chávez Change the State, the Economy and Society?

Development Cooperation in Transition

Development Cooperation in 2030 | Development Cooperation in Times of Global Power Shift: Thoughts on Changing the Concept of Development | The value based approach of EU development assistance | Colombia: From Peace Process to Building a Country | Small States and Regional Cooperation in West Africa: What is the legacy of Benin’s Precidency of the African Union?

Regional Cooperations

The Eurasian Union – An Integration Project under the Microscope | Regional Cooperation in West Africa: „A Study in Frustration?“ | Lonely Together: South American Alliances Mercosur and Unasur Face Crisis | A New Beginning Instead of Refoundation: Honduras after the Elections | Constitutional Reform and Constitutional Reality in Morocco: Between Monarchical Stability and Democratic Renewal

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