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International Reports 3/2008

On the Situation of Bulgaria’s Media | Searching for a Winner: Kenya after the Polls | Applying Germany’s Experience in the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Region in European Foreign and Security Policy | The Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Cambodia in the Shadow of History | A Survey of Vietnam's Development in Recent Years

International Reports 2/2008

Dmitri Medvedev – President on Standby or Worthy Successor to Putin? | Russia – A Reliable Energy Partner for Europe? | Between Abundance and Bottlenecks: Brazil’s Energy Sector is on the Move | Business Transformation in Pakistan? | Dispersed Economic Power? Overseas Chinese between Discrimination and Success in

International Reports 1/2008

Lustration – Addressing the Consequences of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria | Theory and Practice of the Democracy Clause in the EU’s Relations with Third Countries: The Example of Mexico | Opportunities and Risks of Budget Assistance: The Example of Mozambique | Natural Gas as a Foreign Policy Weapon: The Turkish-Iranian Gas Crisis of January 2007 | Elections in Thailand: Power Struggle Between Thaksin and the Military | Books from Russia: Russia’s Foreign Policy

International Reports 12/2007

Radicalisation of Muslims in the Philippines | The Misconception of Freedom. Islam and Democratic Development in Indonesia | India – A Democracy Living with Islam | The Relationship between Islam and Democracy in Turkey: The Islamisation of Politics versus the Politicisation of Islam | Islam and Democracy in Morocco. The Integration or the Decline of Political Islam? | Islam and Democracy in Senegal

International Reports 11/2007

Political Islam Gaining Ground. The Example of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt | Between National Interests and Ideology - Spain's Latin American Policy | Taking Stock of the Work of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Duma in the Legislative Period from 2003 to 2007 | NATO and Russia. How to Safeguard the Partnership | The EU and Africa on the Way towards a Strategic Partnership

International Reports 10/2007

Another Chance for the Orange Camp? One more Change of Government | Rumania’s Foreign Policy and Its Contribution towards the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy | The Light and Dark Side of Reform | The Opposition in Venezuela – an Alternative to Chávez? | Cuba and the Human Rights - An Executive Summary

International Reports 9/2007

China and Latin America. A New Transpacific Partnership? | The Myth of Diversification. | The Situation of the Coloureds in South Africa

International Reports 8/2007

Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement (MST). Between Chance, Chaos, and Criticism of the System | No ‘Apricot Revolution’ in Armenia | Turkey after the Parliamentary Elections. Back to Normal? | What is the good of the ECOWAS?

International Reports 7/2007

Political Parties and Their Societal Roots in Ghana | Italy in Transition | Desperate People in the City. Shanghai and the Phenomenon of Migration | Measuring Democracy. Developments and Examples from Latin America

International Reports 6/2007

Presidential Elections in France: The Beginning of an Era of Political Upheaval | Turkey's Party Democracy – Discussion about Political Parties, Electoral Legislation, and the Political Culture | Uribe's Fight on Two Fronts | Ecuador is Moving Away from Democracy | All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Mali

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International Reports (IR) is the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's periodical on international politics. It offers political analyses by our experts in Berlin and from more than 100 offices across all regions of the world. Contributions by named authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial team.

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