ASPI-KAS Cybersecurity Fellowship: Exchanging Knowledge and Enhancing Cooperation

KAS Australia and the Pacific and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute are engaging in a new joint initiative intended to enhance cooperation on analysis of current cyber security challenges (February/ March 2019)

In the wake of ongoing hacking attacks from a variety of actors, including documented state-sponsored hacking programs, cyber interference, espionage and targeted data/intellectual property theft, many nations have taken unprecedented steps to protect their countries' critical infrastructure and push back against malicious cyber activities.


The challenge of cybersecurity therefore requires interconnected, holistic perspectives and approaches. Germany and Australia are well-positioned to take these discussions further in order to build strong partnerships in this area.

Following our established cooperation with ASPI through our annual ASPI-KAS Europe-Australia Counter-Terrorism Dialogue, this new fellowship will twice a year allow a German cybersecurity expert to spend three weeks at ASPI’s International Cybersecurity Policy Centre. The aim is to pool expertise, exchange knowledge with ASPI analysts and generate policy papers on current cybersecurity challenges that are of common interest to Australia and Germany/Europe.

Our first fellow, who will be at ASPI from the end of February to the middle of March is Isabel Skierka, a research analyst and advisor with the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin. Isabel is also pursuing a PhD at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. She is currently working on projects focusing on cybersecurity policy in Germany and Europe (including IoT security and safety), e-governance and public sector innovation, electronic identity management, and the role of digital platforms in society.

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Katja Theodorakis

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