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Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

"Transforming the New Threat Landscape"

In cooperation with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) KAS' Regional Programme Australia and the Pacific will organize its 3rd annual Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue in Berlin and Brussels from September 4- 8 this year.


The latest spate of terrorist attacks in Westminster, Manchester, on London Bridge, the Iranian Parliament, Kabul, Marawi as well as countless disrupted plots raise important questions about the nature of the terrorist threat we are faced with globally. As the Islamic State (IS) continues to suffer territorial decline in Syria and Iraq, with ultimate military defeat inevitable, it is nevertheless expanding its reach into other areas - both geographically as well as into the realm of cyberspace or the 'virtual underground'. These developments therefore raise important questions about how to effectively combat this threat. This is especially important as the new terrorism landscape requires not only resolute measures but also innovative approaches on parts of governments and policy-making experts.

In light of these developments, it is imperative to enhance international cooperation and dialogue among all stakeholders involved in countering terrorism and violent extremism. This is the purpose of this expert dialogue which will bring together senior counter-terrorism experts, policy makers, representatives of ministries, members of the diplomatic corps as well as law enforcement units and academic experts from Germany, Australia and the EU level to exchange views on current developments and future collaborative activities.

KAS and ASPI have been cooperating since 2015 to foster such exchanges between Australia and Europe, manifested in the establishment of the annual Australia-Europe Counter Terrorism Dialogue which takes place in Australia and Europe in alternating years. Please note that this event is a closed-door dialogue under Chatham House Rule and will not be open to the public.

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Special Report:3rd ASPI-KAS Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue: "Transforming the New Threat Landscape"
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