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Energy Policy Dialogue 2020 in cooperation with ANU Centre for Climate and Energy Policy, AHK Australia, EUCERS and the Energy Transition Hub

by Eva Wagner

The Hydrogen Economy: Prospects for a German-Australian Collaboration

KAS Australia’s 2020 Energy Policy Dialogue has concluded with a virtual public seminar on The Hydrogen Economy - Prospects for a German-Australian Collaboration. The aim of the event was to provide senior German and Australian representatives from industry, policy and research with a forum to map out opportunities for collaboration on hydrogen R&D, investment and trade, and to discuss how to overcome barriers.

The event featured Christoph von Spesshardt – Director of AHK Sydney, Dr Joachim Pfeiffer MP – Spokesperson for Economic and Energy Affairs of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag; Jo Evans – Deputy Secretary, Climate Change and Energy Innovation, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER); Dr Stefan Kaufmann – Innovation Commissioner of the German Government for Green Hydrogen; Innes Willox – Chief Executive, Australian Industry Group; and Dr Joachim Lang – Director General, Federation of German Industries (BDI), Prof Friedbert Pflueger – Director of the European Centre for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS).

The speakers inter alia addressed the EU Green Deal and hydrogen as the missing link to meet the targets under it; investments in hydrogen and related technologies; Australia’s potential to become a leading exporter of hydrogen; Germany as a hydrogen technology provider; the distinction between green and clean hydrogen; the certification of green hydrogen; transport of hydrogen over great distances; the need for a free trade agreement as a legal framework; the joint feasibility study on a hydrogen supply chain as well as industrial pilot projects. There was also a lively panel discussion moderated by Prof Frank Jotzo – Director of the ANU Centre for Climate and Energy Policy, and featuring energy experts and business representatives. The speakers and panellists agreed that the two countries are natural partners when it comes to hydrogen as a means to decarbonise our respective economies.


For more information on the topic, we have also published an analysis on “Synergies between Hydrogen Export and Domestic Energy Transition in Australia” to complement the event.


Eva Wagner

Eva Wagner

Senior Programme Coordinator
Rule of Law, Energy and Development Policy

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