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Masked men assault Editor-in-Chief of Bulgarian weekly

Source: Sofia Globe

The Editor-in-Chief of Bulgaria's weekly "168 Chassa" Slavi Angelov was attacked by two masked men. He is now badly injured and in hospital. Angelov is well-known in Bulgaria for his investigative articles about organised crime. The police assumes that the assault is connected with his journalistic reports.

North Macedonia Web Portals Looking for Gain from Election Ads

Source: Balkan Insight

The high number of 235 web portals, many with obscure backgrounds and identities, have registered at the State Electoral Commission, DIK, to have the possibility to have political advertisements in the forthcoming elections.

EFJ Appeals to Croatian Authorities to Stop Harassing Journalists


Croatian Journalist Association (HND) lost court dispute with UTT Europa 92 company over the premises in the Journalists' House in Zagreb and needs to pay HRK 2.5 million. HND found irregularities in the process and thus has the suspicion that this only aims at harassing and putting pressure on journalists.

Dodik’s attack on media condemned

Source: N1

During a press conference Milorad Dodik, Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and leader of Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), called the news portal „Klix“ an enemy of Bosnia’s Serb-majority Republika Srpska (RS). This was condemned by several organisations nationally and internationally.

New Law Silences Most Western TV Channels in Moldova

Source: Balkan Insight

Due to a new amendment to the code of audiovisual media services, since 1 March cable TV networks can’t broadcast international TV channels containing advertising or teleshopping commercials. 90 channels are affected by this decision; this makes about 50 percent of all the channels.

Prime Minister criticized for attacking Kosovo journalists

Source: Albania Daily News

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) has been criticizing Prime Minister Edi Rama for saying that Kosovo media platforms T7 and Gazeta Express were spreading “chauvinist hatred against Albania”. He also accused the media of waging a “ferocious invasion of the public communications space that, with its vulgarity, defamation and shortsightedness, has begun to damage Kosovo itself.”

Serbian authorities urged to give statement on journalists’ surveillance

Source: Balkan Insight

Surveillance scandal in Serbia emerged after a statement by Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin on a never-published opinion piece by former defence minister Dragan Sutanovac.

Bulgarian Journalists receive 'Disgraceful Attacks' By Bulgarian authorities

Source: VOA news

Reporters without Borders (ROG) condemns Bulgarian authorities for trying to intimidate journalists.

Romanian Journalists against tax relief law for media representatives

Source: Romania Journal

Romanian journalists are against the new law on tax relief for media representatives voted by the Parliament.

New Self-Regulation Mechanism for Journalistic Ethics


The first self-regulation mechanism for journalistic ethics in Albania has been created.