Daily Newspapers


The newspaper is part of the Fjala Media Group. 

E-mail: info@fjala.al


Gazeta Dita

The publication of Dita started in 2012. The daily newspaper is considered left-wing.

E-mail: gazetadita@gmail.com

Tel.: +355 68 90 895 65


Gazeta Mapo

Mapo was originally founded in 2006 as a weekly magazine, later becoming a daily newspaper. It is owned by the Foundation for Economic Freedom, part of the European University of Tirana.

E-mail: v_perleka@yahoo.com

Tel: +355 69 20 56 100


Gazeta Shqiptare

Gazeta Shqiptare is an independent daily newspaper founded in 1994 by an Italian media group, which transferred the ownership in 2011 to the Albanian-owned Focus Group.

E-mail: gazetashqiptare.al@gmail.com

Tel: +355 68 40 63 842


Koha Jone

Koha Jone is a daily newspaper founded in 1992 by Nikolle Lesi and Aleksander Frangaj, who have alternated ownership of the paper through the years. Currently Nikolle Lesi is the owner.

E-mail: redaksia@kohajone.com

Tel: +355 69 70 44 477



It is a publication of the European Institute PASHKO and contributes with its liberal approach to the public debate on the events and social developments in Albania.

E-mail:  gazetaliberale@gmail.com



Panorama is a daily newspaper founded in 2002 by Irfan Hysenbelliu and considered to be one of the dailies with the highest circulation, publishing editorials that influence public opinion.

E-mail: info@panorama.com.al

Tel: +355 42 403 207 08 09



Shekulli is a daily newspaper founded in 1998 by Koco Kokedhima, addressing also the youth in its content.

E-mail: info@shekulli.com.al

Tel: +355 44 309 215



Shqiptarja.com is a political daily newspaper founded in 2011 by Free and Fair Media Group.

E-mail: redaksia@shqiptarja.com

Tel: +355 69 60 60 421



Gazeta Telegraf is a daily newspaper, founded in 2005.

Tel: +355 4 225 7199



It is a politically unaffiliated daily newspaper published in Tirana, founded in 1999. TemA is one of the oldest daily newspapers in Albania.

E-mail: info@tema.al