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Events in Latvia

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There are currently no events planned.

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Joint seminar series for Future Political Leaders

Joint seminar series

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung together with the Latvian Association of Political Scientists and Latvian Transatlantic Organization is organizing a joint series of workshops by current politicians and leading academics in political science for the students of colleges (10-12 grade) and undergraduate students of universities as the future political leaders. The program is built on several blocks according to following political domains: democracy and values; political participation – from political parties to civil society; foreign policy; security policy; political communication. There are 5 workshop sessions planed. Each session is composed in the following way: presentation or inspiring lecture by current politician; practical master class by professional; presentation, lecture or workshop by the leading academic in political science.


Lessons Learned So Far: The Enhanced Forward Presence in Northeastern Europe, 2017-2019


Workshop with the participants from all hosting and framing nations as well as representatives from other countries which are involved in the Enhanced Forward Presence.


Hard Security Dynamics in the Baltic Sea Region- from Turbulence to tense Stability

Presentation and discussion of the research paper

After a period of turbulence in 2014–2015 followed by Russia’s actions in Ukraine, tense stability has emerged in the Baltic Sea area. The current regional security landscape is shaped by three interconnected security dynamics: Russian assertive behaviour, NATO’s reassurance and deterrence measures, and Finland’s and Sweden’s closer integration into the Western deterrence network. The interplay between the dynamics will determine the nature of the regional security environment in the 2020s. Russia’s provocative measures in the region or elsewhere will likely strengthen the foothold of Western security structures in the Baltic Sea area. Moreover, NATO, Finland, and Sweden should continue to find ways to enhance stability without unnecessarily feeding Russian provocativeness. The sources of regional tensions lie elsewhere, and the Baltic Sea region will remain a contested area as long as the West and Russia are at loggerheads.

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LAMPA Festival in Cēsis

The Lampa Discussion Festival takes place in Cēsis on the 5th and 6th of july 2024.

For the LAMPA Festival 2024, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung invites you to the expert discussion "Election year in the European Union and the USA. What awaits us?"

LATO and KAS Masterclasses

Encouraging young political leaders in the Baltic states, in cooperation with LATO

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of april, young people were for the fourth time able to learn about the political landscape and security policy in the context of the LATO-Masterclasses.

European Yard Festival in Daugavpils and Līvāni

On the 8th and 9th of may, various organizations met in Daugavpils and Līvāni to celebrate Europe day and motivate people to vote.

The European Yard Festival contained multiple events on European topics, which aimed to introduce students and teenagers to European politics. Part of the festival were debates on Europe and a play by the improvisational theater "DIVAS", among others.

Diskussion der neuen Sicherheitsherausforderungen in Europa

Neue Sicherheitsherausforderungen für Europa – Welche Rolle spielt Deutschland aus Sicht der Baltischen Staaten?

The Baltic states and Germany must work together to strengthen the Eastern flank.

Die Riga-Konferenz 2021

Am 15. und 16. Oktober 2021 war die lettische Nationalbibliothek Schauplatz der alljährlichen Riga-Konferenz. Die größte sicherheitspolitische Konferenz im baltischen Raum vereint seit 2006 Expertinnen und Experten aus Politik, Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit zu Gesprächen über aktuelle Herausforderungen der europäischen und internationalen Sicherheit. Corona-bedingt fand die Konferenz dieses Jahr im hybriden For-mat statt, mit 250 Teilnehmern vor Ort und insgesamt 150.000 Zuschauern aus 56 Ländern, die die insgesamt 12 Paneldiskussionen, 5 Side Events und 6 hochkarätigen Interviews verfolgten. Organisiert wurde die Konferenz von der Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) sowie den lettischen Verteidigungs- und Außenministerien; die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zählt seit der ersten Konferenz zu den wichtigsten Partnern.

Discussion discussion about Soviet nostalgia at the "LAMPA" conversation festival

Director Ivo Briedis, journalists Rita Ruduša and Eduards Liniņš engaged in a discussion about Soviet nostalgia at the "LAMPA" conversation festival.

Ilmars Znotins, Kanzlei des Staatspräsidenten der Republik Lettland

Close Partners

President of Latvia Egils Levits visits Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (KAS)

Within a framework of the State visit to Germany, Latvian President Egils Levits visits the KAS to hold conversations there this Wednesday.

European Strategic Autonomy - More than a Catchphrase

The panelists engaged in a productive discussion on European Strategic Autonomy. The discussion proved that European Strategic Autonomy is definitely not just a catchphrase.

Online simulation game ‘We are Europe!’

This weekend the participants of the Baltic Sea Region Young Leaders Academy took part in a two-day online simulation game ‘We are Europe!’. They discussed about the integration opportunities of the EU’s Eastern neighbors and improved their knowledge about the EU. The online simulation game exceeded the participants expectations, as they shared in their feedback.