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Vilnius Security Forum 2023

Deterrence by Unified Defence


Vilnius Security Forum 2023

Deterrence by Unified Defence

The annual “Vilnius Security Forum 2023” on the topic of “Deterrence by Unified Defence” 24 March 2023 is here! In cooperation with the National Defence Foundation and other partners, we are organizing the annual "Vilnius Security Forum 2023".


What does Zeitenwende mean for NATO‘s Eastern Flank?

Discussion with German Security Policy expert and Munich Security Conference Senior Fellow Nico Lange.

Study and Information Program

"The importance of social networks in modern society"



Annual Lithuanian-German Forum Conference

Lithuania and Germany: Europe 2022

Lithuanian-German Forum was established on October 4, 2005 by the initiative of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry to develop direct societal and personal links between eminent leaders and famous figures of each country in the fields of business, culture, education (dual vocational training), politics and public relations; to contribute to the cooperation between different regions of Lithuania and Germany; to initiate different projects in Germany and Lithuania, aimed at developing stronger relations between these two countries as well as the creation of the Wider Europe. Since 2017 LGF is one of the key organisers of the biggest international events in Lithuania – the annual President Valdas Adamkus conferences. In addition, since 2018 LGF convenes high level annual debates on Lithuanian-German relations. This is the third event of this kind and the first after the Covid pandemic.


8th Annual “Chief of Diplomacy” Stasys Lozoraitis Lithuanian Foreign Policy Conference

Conference on Foreign and Security Policy


"Deterrance by Defence”



Dialogreise des AK Junge Außenpolitiker nach Vilnius

Die europäische Sicherheitsarchitektur und die Rolle des Baltikums

Vom 21. bis zum 25. September fand die Dialogreise des Arbeitskreises Junge Außenpolitiker in die Republik Litauen statt. Auf dem Programm standen Gespräche und Austauschformate mit Regierungsmitgliedern, Abgeordneten, Vertreterinnen und Vertretern von Think Tanks und Bürgerrechtsbewegungen.


Young Leaders’ Academy

"Towards Values Based Leadership"

The “Young Leaders Academy” focuses this year on the issue of values in the politics. At the seminar topics like regional and global foreign policy challenges and Russian invasion of Ukraine will be discussed. The „Young Leaders Academy“ offers the opportunity to meet well-known Lithuanian politicians, foreign experts from Germany and the US, Lithuanian academics, journalists as well as meeting with the representatives of German contingent of Nato’s Enhanced Forward Presence. Around 20 young people will be selected from the applicants and will participate in several theoretical sessions and practical trainings.

Expert talk

The role of media in the Baltics.

To trust or not to trust?

The research was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in order to understand the perceptions, trust and reliability of the media in Baltic societies.

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NATO’s nuclear deterrence

High level seminar on Strategic Implications of Russia’s Nuclear Weapons for NATO’s Military Support of Ukraine and the Defence of the Baltic States

Key takeaways are that western societies need to discuss these topics, raising the “Nuclear IQ” of the population and not to avoid these hard but necessary questions, while Russia becomes increasingly aggressive in its nuclear rhetoric. This was also echoed to several media outlets, with our guests giving interviews for Lithuanian news outlets and television.

LATO and KAS Masterclasses

Encouraging young political leaders in the Baltic states, in cooperation with LATO

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of april, young people were for the fourth time able to learn about the political landscape and security policy in the context of the LATO-Masterclasses.

European Yard Festival in Daugavpils and Līvāni

On the 8th and 9th of may, various organizations met in Daugavpils and Līvāni to celebrate Europe day and motivate people to vote.

The European Yard Festival contained multiple events on European topics, which aimed to introduce students and teenagers to European politics. Part of the festival were debates on Europe and a play by the improvisational theater "DIVAS", among others.

Visit of MdA Stephan Lenz

Am 02.-07. April 2024 hat Stephan Lenz Estland und Litauen besucht, um Einsichten in die Themen Sicherheit, Resilienz und Digitalisierung zu erhalten.

Die Diskussionen und Gespräche während des Besuches gingen primär um den Umgang Europas mit der Aggression Russlands. Durch MdA Stephan Lenz' Besuch wurde das Verständnis für die unterschiedlichen Positionen in der EU gestärkt und internationale Kontakte vertieft.

German jounalists visit in Lithuania 2024

We took part at the NATO exercise Quadriga 2024, visited military training areas in Rūdninkai where construction of the infrastructure for the German soldiers is taking place.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Baltic states organized a three-day visit for a group of German journalists to Lithuania. The goal of the visit was to give them a first-hand look into how Lithuania’s society and political institutions deal with threats to its sovereignty and to get a better understanding of why this nation is such a resolute supporter of Ukraine and so much in favour of increasing military expenditure.

NATO Summit in Vilnius

This NATO Summit in Vilnius was set out to be impactful with a focus on Ukraine's NATO membership. In the end, the Summit was filled with surprises beyond the topic of support for Ukraine.

Diskussion der neuen Sicherheitsherausforderungen in Europa

Neue Sicherheitsherausforderungen für Europa – Welche Rolle spielt Deutschland aus Sicht der Baltischen Staaten?

The Baltic states and Germany must work together to strengthen the Eastern flank.

Interactions of Media and Public Opinion

Das Seminar fand am 3. und 4. Februar 2023 in Tallinn und Tartu statt.

Im Rahmen des Seminars sollten Spitzenpolitiker der christlich-konservativen Isamaa-Partei bei der Vorbereitung auf die Parlamentswahlen im März 2023 in Estland unterstützt werden. In diesem Zusammenhang wurden Herausforderungen im Wahlkampf diskutiert, die im Bereich Kommunikation und Social Media lagen. Konkret sollten die Spitzenkandidaten in den kommunikationsbezogenen Aspekten der Wahlkampagnendurchführung und in konkreten Strategien geschult werden, durch die Wähler bestmöglich erreicht werden können. Als Herausforderung wurde Social Media gesehen, da Informationen und Botschaften an den richtigen Stellen platziert und für die entsprechende Zielgruppe zugeschnitten werden müssen.

Opinion Festival (Arvamusfestival) 2021

The 21st century information war – why and how it is held and when have You become an information warrior?

Die Riga-Konferenz 2021

Am 15. und 16. Oktober 2021 war die lettische Nationalbibliothek Schauplatz der alljährlichen Riga-Konferenz. Die größte sicherheitspolitische Konferenz im baltischen Raum vereint seit 2006 Expertinnen und Experten aus Politik, Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit zu Gesprächen über aktuelle Herausforderungen der europäischen und internationalen Sicherheit. Corona-bedingt fand die Konferenz dieses Jahr im hybriden For-mat statt, mit 250 Teilnehmern vor Ort und insgesamt 150.000 Zuschauern aus 56 Ländern, die die insgesamt 12 Paneldiskussionen, 5 Side Events und 6 hochkarätigen Interviews verfolgten. Organisiert wurde die Konferenz von der Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) sowie den lettischen Verteidigungs- und Außenministerien; die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zählt seit der ersten Konferenz zu den wichtigsten Partnern.

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