1. What are the application requirements?

You should be able to provide evidence of above average academic performance, have good knowledge of the German language (B2), be no older than 30 when applying, bring broad general education and distinct interest in political issues, and have a positive attitude towards democracy and human rights. Furthermore, you should have been actively engaged in voluntary work for the benefit of the people and the society in your home country.

2. I have not passed the final exam yet. Can I still apply for a scholarship for master or postgraduate studies in Germany?

Yes, you are allowed to apply before having completed your studies. In this case, please submit your studies performance records and hand in a copy of your diploma as soon as possible.

3. Do you award scholarships for studies at technical colleges (Fachhochschule)?

Yes, our scholarships are awarded for studies at universities of applied science and technical colleges.

4. Which countries can students apply from?

The Scholarship Program for International Students focuses on students from countries undergoing a process of political transformation as well as from developing and emerging countries. Nevertheless, students from other countries may apply too while students coming from a member state of the European Union should apply to our domestic Scholarship Program (“Studienförderung” and “Promotionsförderung”).

5. Do you fund foreign studies or internships abroad for German students?

No, the Scholarship Program for International Students is dedicated to international students only. German students should apply to our departments “Studienförderung” and “Promotionsförderung”.

6. Do you award scholarships for bachelor studies?

No, our scholarship program is exclusively for master, postgraduate, and doctoral studies.

7. Is the Scholarship Program limited to certain subjects of study or doctoral researches?

In general, there is no such limitation. Although, medicine and pharmacy students can only apply after having completed their intermediate exam in Germany or when having achieved a comparable stage of their studies in another country.

However, please note that human or dental medicine specialist training or post gradual research stays in Germany cannot be supported.

8. Is there a minimum support period of your Scholarship Program?

Yes, the minimum support period is three semesters.

9. Is there an age limit for applicants?

Yes, there is an age limit of 30 years for applicants.

10. Is knowledge of the German language required or can I also apply with sufficient English skills?

Our seminar program is held in German. For this reason, a sufficient knowledge of the German language (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is obligatory for all scholars even if the courses of their planned studies are taught in English. In general, our scholars take and pass the DSH exam (“Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang”) or the DaF-test (“Deutsch als Fremdsprache”) with a high rating before the beginning of their university studies in Germany.

In exceptional cases, we financially support German language courses as preparation for studies in Germany. Please be aware of the fact that the university you are intending to study at might impose an even higher level of German requirements to their international students.


11. Is it possible to submit the exposé of my doctoral thesis in English?

Please write and submit the exposé of your doctoral thesis in German. In exceptional cases we accept exposés in English, especially when your thesis will be written in English too.

12. In which language do the letters of recommendation have to be written in?

The letters of recommendation may be submitted in German, English or in the original language with German translation.

13. I already receive a scholarship for my current master / doctoral studies which is to expire shortly. Can I still apply for your scholarship program?

No, we do not offer a follow-up financing within one course of study. However, you may apply for our scholarship program when your former scholarship had been awarded for studies you completed successfully (e. g. bachelor) and now you are planning to follow a second course of study (master or doctorate).

14. My doctoral studies/my course of study include extensive research/studies in a country other than Germany. Can I still apply for your scholarship program?

Studies or research abroad have to be fully justified, recommended by your supervisor and must not exceed 25% of the scholarship period.

15. I have already completed doctoral studies. Can I apply of a scholarship for a second doctoral project?


16. Is there a family supplement?

Yes, a family supplement can be granted under the condition that you and your spouse live together in one place in Germany for at least three months and that his/her income does not exceed the amount of € 450 per month.

17. To which address should I send my application?

In case there is an international selection conference in your country or region, please send your written application including all required documents to the responsible regional KAS Office in your country. Most of our scholarships are awarded via the international selection conferences.

In case you are already living in Germany, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship using our online procedure. Please fill out the application form online and upload all required application documents. Please do not send in any written application. The application period ends each year on July 15th (12:00/noon).