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Regional elections in South Tyrol

by Dr. Nino Galetti, Ulrich Mayer

People's Party loses - formation of government difficult

In South Tyrol, too, the days of absolute majorities are over: The South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP), the collective party of the German-speaking South Tyroleans, which has ruled continuously since 1948, suffered heavy losses in the regional elections on October 22, 2023: It lost more than 22,000 votes compared to the ballot five years ago, slumping from a previous 41.9 to 34.5 percent. In the future, it will have 13 deputies (two fewer than before) in the 35-seat provincial parliament in Bolzano. Against this background, the formation of a coalition, which must also include representatives of the Italian and Ladin language groups due to the principle of "ethnic proportional representation" enshrined in the autonomy statute, does not appear to be very easy.

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Exactly 282,878 South Tyroleans went to the polls last Sunday: Voter turnout decreased only slightly from 73.9 to 71.5 percent; the number of absentee voters, on the other hand, increased slightly - about one third of the 42,197 eligible voters living abroad, voted. Compared to other regional elections in Italy, however, voter turnout in South Tyrol remains above average.

A total of 16 lists sought the favor of voters in the 116 municipalities in the regional elections this time - 12 of which made it into the new regional parliament: The South Tyrolean People's Party lost popularity and received only 34.5 percent. It lost two mandates; however, with 13 of the 35 deputies, it will continue to be the strongest faction in the provincial parliament. By way of comparison, in the 1988-1993 legislative period, the "Sammelpartei" still had a full absolute majority with 22 mandates, which has since become smaller and smaller.


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