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Senegal elects a new president

On the way to a new era

On February 25, 2024, Senegal will elect a new president. It is the twelfth election since Senegal's independence in 1960. Four presidents have been in office so far, now the fifth will be elected. This is the first time in Senegal's history that an incumbent president is no longer standing as a candidate. Although Macky Sall can look back on 12 successful years, there are many voices - especially among the predominantly young population - who would prefer to see a different generation of politicians as future rulers. The controversial opposition politician Ousmane Sonko himself has not been admitted. It remains to be seen whether the weakened but still very present opposition will be able to assert itself.

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Generation Corona? Youth and (mental) health

The pandemic is drawing attention on pre-existing mental health challenges faced by young people.

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, a large number of 11- to 17-year-olds were experiencing psychological and psychosomatic problems that significantly impair everyday life. 40 to 50 percent report sleep disorders, irritability, headaches, back pain and abdominal pain. During the pandemic, these symptoms intensified and persisted at elevated levels even after they subsided. In adolescent medicine, there are currently warnings of a consolidation of mental disorders and speak of a "mental health pandemic".

Fachprogramm Frauenkolleg 2024

Frauen gestalten Zukunft!

Das Frauenkolleg der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ist ein bundesweites Veranstaltungsangebot für Frauen.

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Social market economy - what does it really mean?

The principles and goals of the social market economy explained in ten chapters.

The social market economy is one of the most successful economic and social models that has ever existed. It makes it possible to combine economic growth with social cohesion. The promise made in Ludwig Erhard's programme "Prosperity through Competition" has largely come true. In order to be able to fulfil this promise in the future, it is worth constantly reminding ourselves of the central elements of the social market economy. These include private property, competition, price stability and a fair distribution of income and wealth.


How important is Iowa?

On the Outcome of the First Primaries for the U.S. Presidential Election.

Donald Trump wins the Republican primaries in Iowa by a large margin. This consolidates his role as the favorite for the presidential nomination. However, Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley remain in the race.


Indonesia in Super Election Year 2024

Indonesia faces the biggest elections in its history in 2024.

Indonesia faces the biggest elections in its history in 2024. In the third largest democracy in the world, more than 204 million voters will not only elect a new president and the composition of the national parliament, but will also elect governors and regional parliaments in all 38 provinces, as well as all county councils and mayors in the country. The incumbent president, Joko Widodo, is no longer allowed to run after two terms in office. But even if the election campaign for his successor is fiercely waged, all signs point to continuity. For Germany and the EU, this means that Indonesia will continue to be an important, albeit not always easy, partner.

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Smaller, bourgeois-conservative, constant

France has a new government.

President Emmanuel Macron and the new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal presented a streamlined and largely conservative government on 11 January, which is characterized by the retention of several political heavyweights and the unexpected arrival of former Sarkozy minister Rachida Dati in the culture portfolio.

AI Development and Systemic Rivalry

A Chance for Germany?

From a global perspective, Germany is one of the leading countries in AI development. It has a strong research landscape, an adaptable economy and good technical infrastructures. However, due to the enormous speed of AI development in the US and China, driven by their systemic rivalry, Germany risks being left behind. In this environment, it is important to take these geopolitical dynamics into account and use them strategically. The opportunities that arise from this include the promotion of access to domestic data or the demand for competitive regulation of AI.

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Political panorama in Panama four months before the general elections

On 5 May 2024, general elections will be held in Panama every five years.

It is already clear that the population is anxiously and impatiently awaiting these elections, which will be very different from those held in previous years. Their uniqueness lies in the participation of two former presidents of Panama, who are competing for the presidency with six other candidates, regardless of the parties they belonged to during their previous terms in office.


President Emmanuel Macron prepares for the European elections with new prime minister

Gabriel Attal succeeds Élisabeth Borne.

There had been rumors in Paris for several weeks that there could be a government reshuffle and on 8 January the time had come. Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne submitted the resignation of her government to President Emmanuel Macron. In a message published on X, he thanked the outgoing prime minister and spoke of her "exemplary" work, which had been carried out with "courage". In her letter of resignation, Borne explained that she was not resigning on her own initiative, but had been asked to do so by the President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron then appointed Gabriel Attal, the former education minister and Macronist from the very beginning, on January 9. At the age of 34, he is the youngest prime minister of the Fifth Republic, having recently been named the most popular politician in French opinion polls and having previously been Macron's government spokesman and education minister in the Borne cabinet.

Government reshuffles are not unusual in France. In his first term of office (2017 - 2022), two prime ministers served under President Emmanuel Macron. After the tense end to 2023 surrounding the reform of the immigration law, Macron wants to calm the political waters within his own majority by appointing Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in the 2024 European election year, which will once again be characterized by a duel between the liberals and the right-wing populist camp in France.

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