XX National Meeting of the Forum CB27

Welcoming to the new Municipal Secretaries (officers) of the Environment from the Brazilian capital cities

The XX National Meeting of the Forum CB27 welcomes the new Municipal Secretaries for the Environment as well as those who remained in the new term of the Municipal Executive initiated by the 2020 elections and elects the forum's new national coordinator.


In order to start the year of 2021 with new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with the arrival of the new Secretaries of the Environment to act at the CB27 Forum, the XX National Meeting of CB27 will be held virtually on April 8, marking the participation of the new collaborators that will bring different possibilities of contributions and initiatives for the green recovery. The meeting will also bring important progress for the coordination of the Forum in 2021 with the election of the new coordinator, presentation of the annual report and discussion of the main agendas of the forum for this year.
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Ana Abreu


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