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公众财政制度: 结构与任务

2006年7月8日至9日在海南省海口市召开的题为 "中国: 公共服务体制建设与政府转型" 会议上Horst Zimmermann 的发言稿.


2006年7月8日至9日在海南省海口市召开的题为 "中国: 公共服务体制建设与政府转型" 会议上Georg Schäfer 的发言稿.


2006年7月8日至9日在海南省海口市召开的题为 "中国: 公共服务体制建设与政府转型" 会议上Armin Bohnet 的发言稿.

Ageing Societies - Implications of Demographic Change in China and Germany


Speeches held by Stefanie Wahl, Managing Director of the Institute for Economic and Social Research in Bonn at the Conference "Ageing Societies - Implications of Demographic Change in China and Germany" in Beijing on July 3, 2006 (English).

Designing Environmental Law for the Future

Speeches held at the International Conference "Designing Environmental Law for the Future" in Beijing on May 30th, 2006 (German).

Energy Resource Policy and Security of Supply in the EU

Speech held by Nina Commeau-Yannoussis, Head of Unit for European Energy Policy and Security of Supply, EU-Commission, Brussels at the Conference "Energy Resources Security – Economic Challenges for China and the World" in Beijing on April 7, 2006

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