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Energy and Covid-19: The era of sustainable finance

Could Green Bonds & Social Bonds be the solution to South Africa’s socio-economic woes?

Climate-related risks are far-reaching, and research indicates that they will impact all sectors. Consequently, addressing climate change is no longer viewed as a “government issue”, but rather a challenge that needs to be tackled using collective action and a collaborative approach involving both public and private sector stakeholders. The last five years have witnessed more and more private capital being mobilised towards green investments. While climate-related finance is growing, the current levels of investment are nowhere near where they should be in order to facilitate transformational change and reach the globally agreed upon climate goals. There is an urgent need to address this funding gap and the mobilization of both public and private sector funding is of para-mount importance in this regard.

Anja Berretta

Anja Berretta (geb

Head of the Energy Security and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa programme