Event Reports

"Climate Action Day" at the National Assembly of Cameroon

by Marie Stella Tchuente, Oliver C. Ruppel
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, together with the National Network of Parliamentarians, celebrated Climate Action Day at the National Assembly of Cameroon on the 27th of March 2017.

On Monday, 27th of March 2017 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, together with the National Network of Parliamentarians, celebrated Climate Change Day at the National Assembly of Cameroon.

Among the distinguished guests were representatives of the various ministries of the Government of Cameroon, diplomatic representatives, heads of international organizations, parliamentarians and senators, environmental specialists and civil society.

The event was officiated by the Hon. Speaker of the National Assembly and co-organized with PAPNCC (Pan-African Parliamentarians Network on Climate Change), which is headquartered in Cameroon and headed by the Hon. Awudu.

Professor Oliver Ruppel, KAS resident representative, had the opportunity to introduce the new KAS programme for climate policy and energy security for sub-Saharan Africa at the occasion. He also introduced a new flagship project to produce a brochure on "actors and action of climate change in Cameroon", which was endorsed by the participants after a lively discussion on the current state of climate change in Cameroon. It was also concluded that in-depth education on climate relevant laws was necessary for the better implementation of climate policy in Cameroon. Parliamentarians reflected their strong commitment to ascertain, and where needed, amend existing laws for the protection of the environment and in order to assure the observation of Cameroonian commitments made at COP 21.

This year’s “Climate Action Day” was under the patronage of his Excellency Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, President of the National Assembly of Cameroon. After welcoming KAS to Cameroon in his speech, he encouraged the Foundation with its new initiative and also urged parliamentarians to give serious consideration to the issue of climate change.

The official ceremony was also marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between KAS and PAPNCC. Both committed to working together on the implementation of the Paris Agreement in various countries on the African continent.