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Expert conference

Update Presentation

Platform for Visualization of Public Initiatives in Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Expert conference

VAIVÉN 2023: Circular Economy Festival in Latin America

October 09 and 10 (Costa Rica)

Hybrid event: Classroom and virtual Classroom: College of Economics


Circular Economy: opportunities to advance the climate agenda and economic development


Book presentation

How to improve climate news coverage in the region?

From diagnosis to the use of artificial intelligence


Latin American Environmental Security Network

2nd Meeting

Location: San Andres - Colombia (Workshop closed)


Green Tech Talks

(Concepción, Chile)

Closed event (Invitation only)


Circular Economy RoadShow

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hybrid event (on-site / virtual)


Circular Economy RoadShow

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hybrid event (on-site / virtual)

Expert conference

Circular Economy RoadShow

Arequipa, Peru

The Circular Economy RoadShow, organized together with AHK Peru, aims to form alliances to promote understanding of the Circular Economy as a design, production and consumption model that makes it possible for resources to continue generating value over time, reducing the Impact on the environment.


First Forum on Inclusive Climate Governance: opinion and public participation in Latin America

Online event

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6th Climate Week 2023

Event report

The 6th Climate Week held in Santiago de Chile left us with many ideas on the importance of making energy one of the pillars that support Latin American societies in their search for wellbeing.

2nd Latin American Dialogue of the Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors' Offices for Democracy

Event report

The second edition of the Latin American Dialogue of the Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors' Offices for Democracy was held from March 15 to 17 in Coyhaique (Chile) and was attended by more than 25 representatives, including mayors and chiefs of staff of cities in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

EKLA 2023 Partners Meeting

Event report

Lima, Peru (January 26 and 27)

2022 Anniversary Conference - Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors' Offices for Democracy

December 1st and 2nd, City of Buenos Aires

The meeting brought together mayors and mayors' representatives from different municipalities that are members of the Network to discuss and build bridges to advance and accelerate the path towards a more sustainable region.

How to face climate change from political parties?

Workshop 2 - Political Parties and Climate Change

Representatives of political parties from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina and Uruguay, all related to the KAS Foundation, participated in Montevideo in the second workshop and closing of the "Political Parties and Climate Change" Project (2022).

VAIVÉN 2022: Circular Economy Festival in Latin America

Third edition

The Circular Economy Festival in Latin America is a space for meeting, discussion and exchange of experiences to promote and celebrate the development of the circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is organized by the Regional Energy Security and Climate Change Program of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, together with the Circular Economy Coalition of Latin America and the Caribbean, since 2020. Throughout the editions of the Festival, it has been put on the table different relevant topics related to the circular economy that concern both the region and its countries and governments.

Conversation: Geoengineering and its potential/risks in the current debate

Project: Innovation, technology and knowledge for the governance of biodiversity and climate change in Latin America

In Geoengineering there are 2 main approaches: on the one hand, there is the removal of CO2 (RDC) which consists of the capture and storage of GHG, and on the other the Modification of Solar Radiation (SRM) which consists of increasing the solar radiation that reflects the atmosphere and prevent it from being "sequestered" due to the (increasing) greenhouse effect on the planet.

Conversation: Public Health and Climate Change, from mitigation and adaptation in cities

Event report

With the participation of representatives of the WRI, the World Bank and FAO Mexico, the discussion was held as the closing of the Public Health and Climate Change project this 2022.

II Session: Forum of Pan-Amazonian Cities (FCPA)

Clean energy and energy transition were the themes of the Forum of Pan-Amazonian Cities in Leticia

From July 12 to 14, the Pan-Amazon Cities Forum (FCPA) was held at the main headquarters of the Amazon Institute for Scientific Research SINCHI, in Leticia (Amazonas). During the years of 2020 and 2021, the forum took place through virtual sessions, but this year the meeting was face-to-face thanks to the joint work between the Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA) of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), ICLEI South America, Waycarbon and the support of the SINCHI Institute.

Workshop 1: Political Parties and Climate Change

Event report

In the warm city of Panama, the first of two workshops was held this 2022 of our project "Political Parties and Climate Change", with the participation of 13 representatives of political parties from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Panama, related to the KAS Foundation.