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Expert conference

Update Presentation

Platform for Visualization of Public Initiatives in Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Expert conference

VAIVÉN 2023: Circular Economy Festival in Latin America

October 09 and 10 (Costa Rica)

Hybrid event: Classroom and virtual Classroom: College of Economics


Circular Economy: opportunities to advance the climate agenda and economic development


Book presentation

How to improve climate news coverage in the region?

From diagnosis to the use of artificial intelligence


Latin American Environmental Security Network

2nd Meeting

Location: San Andres - Colombia (Workshop closed)


Green Tech Talks

(Concepción, Chile)

Closed event (Invitation only)


Circular Economy RoadShow

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hybrid event (on-site / virtual)


Circular Economy RoadShow

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hybrid event (on-site / virtual)

Expert conference

Circular Economy RoadShow

Arequipa, Peru

The Circular Economy RoadShow, organized together with AHK Peru, aims to form alliances to promote understanding of the Circular Economy as a design, production and consumption model that makes it possible for resources to continue generating value over time, reducing the Impact on the environment.


First Forum on Inclusive Climate Governance: opinion and public participation in Latin America

Online event

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Overcoming Borders: Environmental Security in Latin America

Event report

Last June, from June 8 to 11, 2022, we had our second meeting at the Latin American Environmental Safety Network. This was the first face-to-face meeting since its creation in 2020, on the triple Amazon border (Peru, Colombia and Brazil) in the city of Leticia, Colombia.

Course on Sustainable Development Goals and their application at the local level

Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors for Democracy

The Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors for Democracy has carried out the second course on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aimed at political advisors and municipal authorities from countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Conversation Nature-based solutions


Project: Innovation, technology and knowledge for the governance of biodiversity and climate change in Latin America.

RENAC Alumni Meeting Report

#KAS4Climate #KAS4Innovation

The Climate Agenda as the central axis of foreign policy in Latin America

Hybrid event

The climate crisis, global in essence, demands joint and urgent actions. For Latin America to move forward on the agenda, it is necessary to reflect on possible ways to strengthen a multilateral narrative in favor of a coordinated foreign policy in the region.

Diploma Socioecological and energy transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Face-to-face week

From June 14 to 18, the long-awaited meeting between students and teachers of the diploma course was held, which in its first part was virtual. This intense week of work and fellowship was held in Bogotá and Medellín.

Visualization platform of public initiatives in Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean


The KAS Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA) seeks to promote the circular economy as an instrument for sustainable development. The circular economy is a response that requires the support of political leaders and all actors to put the issue on the agenda and help make it a reality.

Public Health and Climate Change Workshop


The objective of the workshop (May 16 and 17) was to train and encourage dialogue between participants and specialists from FAO, AIDA, the World Bank, UNAM and specialized consultants, along with politicians from Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico dedicating 2 days to listen, learn, talk and debate about the importance, links, problems and possible solutions for the effects of climate change on the health of populations in LATAM.

Latin American Environmental Safety Network

[1st virtual meeting]

In 2022 we continue to consolidate our Environmental Safety Network for Latin America. For this reason, we held our first event on April 24 through an online meeting.

Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors for Democracy

First bi-monthly meeting 2022

The Network of Sustainable Cities and Mayors for Democracy was consolidated in 2020, with the support of the Regional Center for Green Growth and Climate Change, seeking to consolidate the political and environmental dialogue between the mayors of Latin America through spaces for the exchange of experiences, training and dissemination of actions within the framework of democratic values and green growth.