Team Foreign, Security and European Affairs

The team Foreign, Security, and European Affairs from the European and International Cooperation department focuses on Germany’s foreign and security policy role regarding to NATO and the European Defense Union (EDU). They focus on the armament, defense, and European Policy debate over an “European Army.” The team examines Germany’s role in the UN Security Council as well as certain cross-cutting issues such as “Security and Health,” “Cybersecurity,” and the “future of warfare.” The team also works on European threats from terrorist organizations, and German and European strategies in counter-terrorism, deradicalization, and violence prevention.

European affairs experts handle relevant political themes and issues relating to the development of European integration and fostering a dialogue between Brussels, Berlin and other European capitals. Their work also focuses on the accompaniment of party cooperation in Europe and the European People’s Party (EPP). Over 30 of the foundation’s offices in Europe help counsel elected officials at the regional, national, and European levels. Because of the foundation’s expansive network, different perspectives and ideas can be given as recommendations for German European Politics.

The team uses a variety of tools such as specialist conferences, symposiums, background discussions, and dialogue programs for all topics. Additionally, the team compiles political analysis on current German foreign, security, and European politics themes. The team also oversees the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s “Young Foreign Policy Leaders” and “Terrorism and Internal Security” working groups.



Nils Wörmer

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Leiter Internationale Politik und Sicherheit +49 30 26996-3802


Team member

Jakov Devcic

Team member

Daniela Braun

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Foreign and Security Affairs +49 2241 246-3399
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Benjamin Fricke

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Transatlantic Relations +49 30 26996-3795
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Christin Hesse

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foreign language secretary +49 30 26996 3855 +49 30 26996 3490
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Paruvana Fiona Ludszuweit


Europäische Sicherheitspolitik

+49 30 26996 3885 +49 30 26996 53885
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Nauel Semaan

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Policy Advisor Counter-Terrorism +49 30 26996-3879
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Erina Waldmann

Erina Waldmann

Research Assistant