An increasing meaning is attached to the work of the field offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Europe. It is the most important aim to strengthen and deepen European and transatlantic cooperation and to improve the bilateral connections at the same time.

The emphasis in Western Europe is on the co-operation with the parties of the centre and the European People's Party (EPP), including the EPP-ED-parliamentary group in the European parliament, on the European politics, the foreign and security policy as well as the economic, social, energy and environmental policy. The focus is on the promotion of reform approaches as a contribution to shape the future. In addition the emphasis is on tasks, which result from the increasing world-wide responsibility of Germany and Europe.

The emphasis of the KAS work in Central and Eastern Europe is:

Advancing the MOE reform countries to the European and transatlantic structures, continuation of all accompanying measures to support the entry and advancing strategies of these countries

Promotion of the democratization and transformation processes in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, intensification of the political dialogue with the guiding elite, cooperation on security policy

Establishment of the new emphasis South-east Europe (stability pact), connection of existing and new structures to develop regional cooperation, measures for the democracy promotion, for the economic transformation and for the political and socio-political dialogue