North America

The transatlantic community forms a basis for stability and security in Europe. After the end of the Cold War especially the regional conflicts in South-east Europe demonstrate that a European security policy without the integration of the United States is not possible. The transatlantic security community must be strengthened and developed further. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung wants to address this task with its field offices in Washington, New York and Ottawa.

The field office puts the emphasis of its work on:

  • Establishment of a permanent and continuous network between German and American political representatives
  • Theme-focused contacts for the care of the transatlantic relations
  • Contacts to the Jewish organizations in America
  • Supply of a platform for the German economy
  • Procurement of access to international financial organisations
  • Contact for co-operation with Think Tanks and centres of science
  • Inclusion of Canada into the transatlantic dialogue