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Experten setzen sich intensiv mit den unterschiedlichen Aspekten und Herausforderungen dieser in ihrem Umfang und ihrer Schnelligkeit beispiellosen Krise auseinander. Für einen Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Diskussion stellt das KAS-Auslandsbüro USA mit Sitz in Washington D.C. regelmäßig eine Auswahl an Studien, Analysen und Kommentaren jeweils mit Links zu den Beiträgen zusammen.

June 2022 KAS Nordics Newsletter

Turkey suspends veto of NATO accession. Swedish voters begin to prepare for parliamentary election. Arctic countries preoccupied with cooperation without Russia.

Nordic Developments at a glance – Turkey temporarily suspends veto of Swedish and Finish NATO accession. Swedish voters begin to prepare for parliamentary election in the Fall. Arctic countries preoccupied with whether cooperation without Russia is possible.

Hayder Mohsin

The Landscape of Civil Society in Iraq

The Relationship of CSOs with Government, Religious, and Tribal Institutions at the Sub-State Level

The civil society possesses significant impact on countries. It campaigns on issues as human rights or environmental protection, and might eventually influence political decision making. Iraq’s civil society came to the fore when anti-government protests swept across the country in October 2019. But how is Iraq’s civil society organized? Marsin Alshamary and Sura Maqsoud set out to provide a bird’s eye view of the situation on the ground.

Reuters / POOL New

Elizabeths Fußstapfen

Die Zukunft der britischen Monarchie im 21. Jahrhundert

Im Jahre des 70. Thronjubiläums der britischen Königin Elizabeth II steht die Windsor-Monarchie vor außerordentlichen Herausforderungen. Sowohl in Übersee als auch im Vereinigten Königreich selbst haben langfristige Entwicklungen und wiederholte Skandale dazu geführt, dass die Zukunft der Monarchie einer ernsten Betrachtung bedarf. Welche Rolle kann das Königshaus im 21. Jahrhundert spielen? An welchen Fragen entscheidet sich sein Schicksal?

From Neutral Pillar to Strategic Partner

Towards a Comprehensive EU-North Africa Policy in the Age of a Rising China

European Union (EU) – North Africa relations are at an inflection point in the age of a rising China. While Beijing’s efforts in the European Mediterranean countries are mainly restricted to signing Memorandums of Understanding regarding China’s Belt and Road Initiative with local governmental officials, and acquiring significant stakes in the ports of Istanbul, Piraeus, Genoa, Marseille and Valencia, activities in Northern Africa are far more comprehensive.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 6)

Women in Iraq and Academia with Hadeel Abdulhameed

Dr. Hadeel Abdelhameed is a Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung non-resident research fellow in Iraqi women’s contribution to political and electoral processes, and a non-resident fellow at Richardson Institute/ Lancaster University. Her research interest is interdisciplinary, focusing on Iraqi gender performance in social movements, and investigating the politics of space in reconstructing gender identities.

Tschechische EU-Ratspräsidentschaft

Analyse der tschechischen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft und ihrer Prioritäten

Zum zweiten Mal in der Geschichte übernimmt die Tschechische Republik den Vorsitz im Rat der Europäischen Union. Die sechsmonatige Führung der wichtigen EU-Institution findet dabei in einem angespannten politischen Kontext statt, in dem wegen des russischen Überfalls der Ukraine Ende Februar kaum etwas geplant und vorhergesehen werden kann. Die Analyse von Petr Kaniok von der Masaryk-Universität in Brno fokussiert sich auf die Hauptprioritäten der tschechischen Präsidenschaft.

Reuters/ Jose Luis Gonzalez

2022 International Migration Review Forum: Tracking Progress on the Global Compact for Migration

Have the commitments set out in the Global Compact for Migration catalyzed tangible action towards safe, orderly, and regular migration?

In May 2022, UN member states and stakeholders convened for the first-ever International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) to assess progress on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Global Compact for Migration or GCM) and develop further concrete, actionable recommendations for its implementation. Given the complex nature of international migration, adopting a common approach to international migration governance is no easy feat, and recent crises and ongoing phenomena—in particular, the COVID-19 pandemic and ever-worsening climate change — only further complicated the conditions and contexts for migration. While the challenges to facilitate safe, orderly, and regular migration might be many, so too are the opportunities. As emphasized throughout the forum’s proceedings, there is both a collective will and intent to improve cooperation on international migration.

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China’s Security and Military Cooperation in Central Asia and its relevance to Europe

by Farkhod Aminjonov, Assistant Professor at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The reseach paper examines China's increasing security and military engagement in Central Asia, the reactions of local actors, and potential implications for Europe.

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