In descent? Status and perspectives of Europe's Christian democratic parties

KAS Facts & Finding No. 353/July 2019

Dr. habil. Karsten Grabow, KAS Coordinator for political analysis and party research, summarized the current (in 2019) status and outlook of Europe's Christian democratic parties in this KAS briefing paper

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Parlamentswahl in Rumänien mit Überraschungen

PSD vor PNL, wahrscheinliche Koalitionsbildung um PNL und USR PLUS

Bei der Parlamentswahl in Rumänien am 6. Dezember erhielt die Sozialdemokratische Partei (PSD) entgegen den Prognosen in fast allen Umfragen ca. 30 Prozent der Stimmen, während die regierende Nationalliberale Partei (PNL) lediglich auf ca. 26 Prozent kommen konnte. Demoskopen hatten zuvor mit einem Kopf an Kopf-Rennen zwischen beiden Parteien oder einem Wahlsieg der PNL gerechnet. Mit etwa 16 Prozent belegt die bürgerlich-liberale Partei USR-PLUS den dritten Platz. Nicht ganz überra-schend, aber von den meisten Umfragen nicht vorhergesehen, schafft erstmals die 2019 gegründete Allianz für die Vereinigung der Rumänen (AUR), die mit einem nationalistisch-konservativen Diskurs das rechte Spektrum besetzt, den Sprung ins Parlament mit einem starken Ergebnis von neun Prozent. Die Fünf-Prozent-Hürde konnte noch mit knapp sechs Prozent der Demokratische Verband der Ungarn (UDMR) überwinden. Voraussichtlich kommt es jetzt zu Koalitionsverhandlungen zwischen PNL und USR PLUS, unter Einbeziehung der Partei Volksbewegung (PMP) des früheren Präsidenten Traian Basescu - deren Einzug ins Parlament bei knapp fünf Prozent wahrscheinlich, aber noch nicht ganz sicher ist – sowie gegebenenfalls der UDMR.

Public Opinion Poll on Arab Society in Israel- Hebrew Version

See Hebrew for summary

“China’s Rising Media Presence in South East Europe”

New publication by KAS Media Programme South East Europe and the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

In the past years, China has continuously expanded its presence in South East Europe. China's influence in the region, however, goes beyond infrastructure and science and has gradually expanded in various areas, including the media.

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Bewegung(en) in Polens politischer Landschaft

Veränderungen im Parteiensystem deuten sich an

Auf die politische Bühne Polens sind im vergangenen Jahr neue Akteure und Protestbewegungen getreten. Die politische Landschaft in Polen zeichnet sich generell durch eine hohe Volatilität aus. Erlauben die aktuellen politischen Rahmenbedingungen die Etablierung neuer Kräfte oder bringen Sie diese notwendigerweise sogar hervor?

Public Opinion on Arab Society in Israel

A new survey on Israel’s Arab community by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel and its Program for Jewish Arab Cooperation at Tel Aviv University reveals severe economic distress as a result of the Corona crisis; a desire to see the creation of a new Arab-Jewish party; divisions of opinion with regard to the performance of the MKs in the Joint Arab List; a fairly low voter participation rate (55.6%) expected in the next elections; a high degree of satisfaction with the result of the US presidential election; and support for the normalization agreements between Israel and the Arab countries.

Recharge your Batteries

How a Digital Workplace has Helped Rina Balance a Busy Family Life and a Career in Technology

The final installment of our series on women entrepreneurs features Rina Wija Astuti of Indonesia. She shares how digitalization is transforming her battery business. This feature is part of a series by KAS SOPAS and Woomentum on women-owned SMEs (WSMEs) in four Southeast Asian countries. It focuses on how digitalization presents new opportunities for women-owned businesses and how it could help them overcome their gender specific challenges.

The New Turkish Presence in North Africa: Ambitions and Challenges

Mediterranean Dialogue Series no. 33

The paper aims to identify the main goals of Turkey's new policy toward North Africa, analyzes how states of the region perceive the new presence of Turkey in the region, and addresses the major challenges facing this Turkish strategy.

The Spice of Life

How Technology is Helping Khim’s Traditional Cambodian Meatballs Reach the Global Market

The ninth installment of our series on #women #entrepreneurs, features Sok Khim from #Cambodia. She shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing her business, forcing her to come up with innovative solutions. This feature is part of a series by KAS SOPAS and Woomentum on women-owned SMEs (#WSMEs) in four Southeast #Asian countries. It focuses on how #digitalization presents new opportunities for women-owned businesses and how it could help them overcome their gender specific challenges.

Water Security, Pandemic and Climate Change.

Incorporating Public Health into Future Water Policy: Perspectives from South Asian Countries

This study aims to explore the dynamics between public health and water security under the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in all eight South Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Experts from these countries have been asked what the current and future situations are in relation to water security and the pandemic, and how the pandemic reveals the relation and dynamic between water security and public health. The data displayed in this publication are until late August.

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