General Data Protection Regulation in Thai Version (2nd Printing)

The digital innovations of the last three decades have completely changed our lives. They made the world faster, more effective, and more connected. They offer great opportunities in terms of employment, access to knowledge, and service to the citizens. However, one worrying downside is large-scale personal data collection. Private and public organizations have gained access to various aspects of people’s personal life. Thanks to new information technologies, they started collecting data on individuals’ whereabouts, purchase behavior, health and wealth, social background and community, and even political affinity.

Guidelines on Performance of Administrative Duties

Derived from the 2019 Decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court

The publication of the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. in Thailand aims at disseminating current case laws deriving from the decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court in the year 2019. The target readers are administrative judges, administrative case officials, administrative agencies as well as government officials. The KAS hopes that this publication will be a useful tool for the officials’ performance development and that it will contribute to reducing the number of administrative disputes.

Ein Partner-Atlas für die deutsche Außenpolitik

Das Nachschlagewerk für die deutsche Außenpolitik und alle Interessierten

Der Partner-Atlas ist das Nachschlagewerk für die deutsche Außenpolitik. Er zeigt besonders übersichtlich, welche außenpolitischen Interessen sich am besten mit welchen internationalen Partnern verwirklichen lassen. Hierbei wird ein besonderer Fokus auf potenzielle Partner-Länder jenseits der NATO und der EU gelegt.


Zur aktuellen Krise in Beirut

Die KAS ist am Standort Beirut mit drei Auslandsbüros vertreten. Neben dem Länderbüro Libanon berichten das Auslandsbüro Syrien/Irak und das Rechtsstaatsprogramm Naher Osten/Nordafrika regelmäßig über die Entwicklungen vor Ort.

NY National Guard, Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Corona Update, USA (18) - aktuelle Studien, Analysen und Kommentare

Fuer die Zeit vom 24. bis 30. Juli 2020

Die Corona-Krise hat über die erheblichen gesundheitlichen Risiken und Folgen hinaus weitreichende Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft, Sicherheit, Forschung, Innen- und Außenpolitik sowie das gesellschaftliche Leben in den Vereinigten Staaten. Namhafte US-amerikanische Think Tanks und Experten setzen sich intensiv mit den unterschiedlichen Aspekten und Herausforderungen dieser in ihrem Umfang und ihrer Schnelligkeit beispiellosen Krise auseinander. Für einen Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Diskussion stellt das KAS-Auslandsbüro USA mit Sitz in Washington D.C. wöchentlich eine Auswahl an Studien, Analysen und Kommentaren jeweils mit Links zu den Beiträgen zusammen.


Does the Internet Deliver?

Eight Values as a Yardstick for the Production, Moderation and Regulation of Public Communication on the Internet

The internet has raised many expectations, but has it fulfilled its role as a tool to promote freedom of speech and weaken the efforts of autocrats and others who favor censorship? Has it provided equal access to information and the free exchange of opinions? Some would argue that the internet has brought about surveillance, polarization, filter bubbles, and the digital divide. But is further network regulation necessary? Diverse opinions exist in response to these questions, but what are the facts? What scientific findings can be presented today? Together with Christoph Neuberger, we've defined eight values as criteria to help answer one deceptively simple question: Does the internet deliver? Following this introduction, you'll find a collection of eight short texts, each of which seeks to answer this question using one of the values we've identified. Readers should feel free to either read in chronological order or skip around to those they find to be of interest.

Local legislative power

Understanding local politics begins here

The handbook on legislation at local level was already published in 2018, but was reprinted this year for educational activities in preparation for the local elections.

Mekong Connect: Sustainable Development in the Mekong Region

Various Authors

This publication brings together authors who share common interest in environmental issues and socio-economic development to explore and develop thoughts, ideas, and knowledge about current and relevant topics related to the Mekong River and the communities whose livelihoods are based on the river. The topics range from analysing potential risks that are currently presented such as the construction of hydro-dams and climate change to discussing sustainable development frameworks for communities in Mekong riparian countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Political Education

Proposals for action based on our actions

The manual on Political Education was already published in 2017, but was reprinted for the educational measures of KAS Brazil in the run-up to the local elections 2020.

EU2017EE Estonian Presidency / flickr / CC BY 2.0

Regierungsbildung in Kroatien – Kontinuität und Reformagenda

Nach einem deutlichen Sieg bei den Parlamentswahlen Anfang Juli 2020 bewerkstelligten die HDZ und ihr Parteichef Andrej Plenkovic eine zügige Regierungsbildung.

Nach den Parlamentswahlen, bei denen die EVP-Partnerpartei HDZ 66 Parlamentssitze erhielt, kündigte Parteichef Plenkovic umfassende Reformen an. Bereits zweieinhalb Wochen nach den Wahlen bekam Kroatien eine neue Regierung. Von den 151 Parlamentariern der zehnten Legislaturperiode des kroatischen Parlaments stimmten 76 Mandatsträger für Ministerpräsident Andrej Plenkovic. 59 Abgeordnete stimmten gegen ihn. Zum wichtigsten Koalitionspartner der HDZ wurden die acht Abgeordneten der Minderheiten. Die Reformziele der Regierung Plenkovic sind ambitioniert, vor allem deshalb, weil das Ausmaß der wirtschaftlichen Folgen der Pandemie noch immer ungewiss ist.

Facts and Findings

Selected contributions to the series with international relevance

The series informs in a concentrated form about important positions of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung on current topics. The individual issues present key findings and recommendations, offer brief analyses, explain the Foundation's further plans and name KAS contact persons.


International Reports

Journal for international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation

This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.

EPP Party Barometer

The Situation of the European People's Party in the EU

The EPP Party Barometer illustrates the current situation of the EPP party family in the EU. On a non-regular basis, it provides a concise overview of current election results, polls from the member states and the composition of the party family.


In our series "Interviews", talks and discussions are held with experts from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. on various topics.


Concise, reduced to the essentials, but always highly topical. In our series "kurzum", our experts summarise an issue or problem on a maximum of two pages.

Country Reports

Short political reports of the KAS offices abroad

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a political foundation. Our offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The country reports offer current analyses, exclusive evaluations, background information and forecasts - provided by our international staff.

Event Reports

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, its educational institutions, centres and foreign offices, offer several thousand events on various subjects each year. We provide up to date and exclusive reports on selected conferences, events and symposia at In addition to a summary of the contents, you can also find additional material such as pictures, speeches, videos or audio clips.