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Tom Brenner, Reuters

It’s Time to Reshape the West!

“America is back!”: With US President Joe Biden, there is now potential for an ambitious transatlantic policy. We should devote all our energy to reforging the alliance between Europe and the US. Anything else would be fatal, as disunity in the West only plays into the hands of our systemic rivals China and Russia. What do we need to do right now?

Murad Sezer, Reuters

Of Bridges and Gateways

Turkey’s Regional Power Aspirations

The bridge to Asia. A gateway to the Middle East and Europe. For centuries, Turkey has been considered a country linking the Western and Eastern worlds. Whether that be due to Turkish military bases used by ­NATO as bridgeheads to the Middle East, or the threats made by its president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to “open the gates” to Europe for the millions of refugees accommodated by Turkey, ­NATO member and EU candidate Turkey has been increasingly presenting the Western alliance with a fait accompli over recent years.

Ramzi Boudina, Reuters

Outdated Elites, New Sense of Identity

Leaderless Revolutions and the ­­­Crisis of Arab Authorities

Ten years after the onset of the “Arab Spring”, cracks are appearing again in the autocratic façade of the Middle East and North Africa. However, the struggle to find an alternative to the ruling elite has failed due to the lack of organised political parties capable of translating anger on the streets into constructive political participation.


Security Policy in the Indo-Pacific

How Can Germany Turn its Words into Deeds?

In its new “Policy guidelines for the Indo-Pacific”, the German government commits to assuming greater responsibility for foreign policy to address shifts in the global balance of power and regional challenges. But what exactly could an ambitious Indo-Pacific policy look like? And what does the region expect of Germany? An analysis based on the examples of India, Japan, and Singapore.

Guadalupe Pardo, Reuters

The Art of Making Friends

How the Chinese Communist Party Seduces Political Parties in Latin America

China is increasingly turning its attention to Latin America’s political parties. Beijing is using lavish official visits and ­diplomatic pressure to yoke Latin American party officials ­to its geopolitical ambitions. Without critical public debate, the rhetoric of bilateral “friendship” threatens to undermine democracy in Latin America. Any belief that the Chinese Communist Party will engage in an equal dialogue with Latin America’s democratic parties remains a dangerous illusion.

Baz Ratner, Reuters

Will ­COVID-19 Accelerate a Global Power Shift?

China’s Growing Ideological Influence in Africa

The fight against the ­COVID-19 pandemic is not only a fight against ­SARS-CoV-2 but also part of the rivalry to dominate the global narrative and to exert political and economic influence. Particularly in light of the worsening relations between China and the US, management of the pandemic and respective policy successes or failures are becoming political issues. Accordingly, the Chinese Communist Party (­CCP) is using the pandemic on an ideological level to drive the shift in global power – with a particular focus on Africa.

Countering the Corrupt

This book pulls together the themes discussed at four conferences on the fight against corruption in Africa which were held between 2014 and 2018 and which were organised by the KAS' Rule of Law Program for Sub Saharan Africa and the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa. The book endeavours to share with the readers, the gist of those discussions in ‘a digestible and easily accessible format’.

Kleine Parlamentswahl mit großen klimapolitischen Folgen?

Politischer Machtwechsel in Grönland

Grönland hat an diesem Dienstag gewählt. Bei einer Wahlbeteiligung von 65,8 % haben 27.079 Wähler den weiteren Kurs der größten Insel der Welt bestimmt. Mit Konsequenzen, die weit über Grönland hinausreichen. Die ideologisch links-grün zu verortende Partei Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) ging im Ergebnis mit 9.822 Stimmen (36,6%) als Sieger aus der Wahl hervor und liegt so vor der sozialdemokratischen SIUMUT mit 29,4%. Sie hatte seit 1979 mit einer Unterbrechung nur zwischen 2009-2013 die jeweilige Regierung gestellt. Neben diesen beiden großen Parteien haben noch 5 weitere den Einzug ins Parlament geschafft. Normalerweise ist der Ausgang einer Wahl zum Inatsisartut, dem grönländischen Parlament mit seinen 31 Sitzen, nur eine Randnotiz in einigen Zeitungen Nordeuropas wert. Diesmal aber lohnt es sich, etwas genauer hinzuschauen.

Seoul und Busan haben gewählt

Die konservative Opposition erobert die wichtigsten Rathäuser Südkoreas

Bei den bedeutendsten Bürgermeisterwahlen des Landes beschert wachsende Unzufriedenheit mit der nationalen Politik den Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten der Regierungspartei herbe Niederlagen. Die Pro-gressiven müssen ein Jahr vor der Präsidentschaftswahl neujustieren und überlegen, wie sie es mit ihrem Amtsinhaber halten wollen. Die People Power Party zeigt dagegen, dass sie wieder siegen kann. Doch auf beiden Seiten ist vieles noch nicht ausgemacht.

ADLA Video Series 2020: Why Democracy Matters?

Interview with Ms. Jargalan Batbayar of Mongolia

“Being a democratic leader means being an inclusive leader, and it is important to keep sight of the democratic process when we face difficult decisions. This is a lifelong commitment for us, and it’s always a work in progress. Also, political leadership is always about public service, and we must never forget that we work to serve our people.” Find the interview with Ms. Jargalan Batbayar of Mongolia below where she shares her answers to the questions “Why democratic values and principles are important for her country?”, “What are the main challenges to democracy?”, and “What can she do to ensure that she becomes or remains a democratic leader?”. Ms. Batbayar is the alumni representative for KASYP Mongolia National Chapter. She also belongs to KASYP Batch 09 #ADLA4Democracy

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