Taking Stock of Smart Nation Development in Singapore

Singapore is undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation into a "Smart Nation" – a hyper-connected city-state where digital and computing technologies are weaved into everything from public infrastructures and offices to homes and everyday objects. Tan Teck Boon presents the smart city concept, implemented by Singapore as a solution to the assortment of problems brought on by rapid urbanisation.

Faszination Belarus

Das Buch zeigt eindrücklich mit vielen Darstellungen und Grafiken eine illustrierte Geschichte von Belarus

The Future of Digitalisation

Workshop Report

Digitalisation is one of the most important issues of our time. Societies, economies and industries are being reshaped on a scale and speed like never before. In this workshop, we wanted to explore the benefits and challenges of digital transformation and its implications for societies in Asia. The report provides an overview of the method used and the results of the discussion.

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Europe’s next steps in successfully shaping the process of digitisation

Time to act – and fast!

Europe has crossed the threshold to the digital age. Today, digitisation pervades all areas of society and has brought about processes of profound change. Future advances in key digital technologies will accelerate these processes of change still more. The positive potentials of the digital transformation of Europe and the world are enormous. If Europe wants to fully exploit the potentials of the emergent digital age and hold its own against international competition, it cannot rest on its laurels. Rather, Europe must actively shape the process of digital transformation, purposefully mobilise its own potentials and determinedly push ahead with the necessary changes. Against this background the following paper presents specific policy recommendations for successfully shaping the process of digitisation.

Tiempos de Travesía. Análisis de la elecciones de 2018 en Costa Rica

Compilación de artículos de análisis política de distintas características de la campaña electoral de 2018.

Basra's Protest Movement and Unemployment: Contesting Party Dominance of the Oil Sector

KAS and IRIS Publish Paper on the Nexus between the Lack of Employment and the Policies in the Oil Sector of Basra

The city of Basra is largely recognized as the economic capital of Iraq, it represents the country’s main harbor and some of its largest oil fields are located in the province – yet it has been the center of massive protests against unemployment in 2018. The uprisings were fueled by the anger and disappointment many locals felt, being confronted with the lack of job opportunities. These sentiments were mainly channeled towards the government and the international oil companies active in the region. This paper aims to analyze the relationship between oil and unemployment as a crucial factor for both fueling the protests and shaping the government’s response.

Umweltmigration: Eine sicherheitspolitische Herausforderung

Umweltmigration bringt sicherheitspolitische Herausforderungen mit sich, die weltweite Auswirkungen – direkter oder indirekter Art – haben können. Wanderungsbewegungen infolge des globalen Klimawandels können zu politischer, gesellschaftlicher oder wirtschaftlicher Destabilisierung der Ursprungsländer führen. Im Falle grenzüberschreitender Migration kann sie sich auf Nachbarländer bzw. -regionen übertragen. Nachbarregionen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Europäischen Union wie Nordafrika und Subsahara-Afrika sowie der Nahe Osten sind hinsichtlich der Folgen des Klimawandels besonders gefährdet. Was können Deutschland, die EU und die direkt betroffenen Staaten tun, um die akuten Auswirkungen von Umweltmigration und die Ursachen zu bekämpfen sowie die Resilienz zu stärken?

Anatomía de una Fractura: Desintegración social y elecciones del 2018 en Costa Rica

Colaboración entre la Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) y la Fundación Konrad Adenauer (KAS)

Este libro es un abordaje y un análisis metodológico que toma como principal objeto de estudio los acontecimientos de las pasadas elecciones en el 2018 en Costa Rica. Se analizan los escenarios y las diferentes posturas políticas que caracterizaron el proceso, a partir de una importante división social.

Automation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is the Future of Work at Risk?

Automation is leading to a profound transformation of the economies of industrial, emerging and developing countries alike. What are the factors that are driving or inhibiting the automation revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa? Is automation a threat to the countries’ workforces? The “in short” analyses the potential impact of automation on Sub-Saharan African economies and provides a basis to frame future debates on the topic.

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Environmental Migration: A Challenge for Security Policy (Online version)

Flight and migration as a result of armed conflicts of any kind, or a lack of economic perspectives have been omnipresent reasons for migration movements in the minds of political and public stakeholders over recent years. But what about droughts, water shortages, and the impact of rising sea levels on islands and coastal areas? From a security policy perspective, it is advisable to take a closer look at migra­tion movements that are directly or indirectly linked to climate change, the effects of which can be observed worldwide. Because if the expected dimensions actually occur, and the international community does not create a binding framework for dealing with the affected group of persons – both with a view to the legal dimension as well as the institutional, political, socio-economic and infrastructural conditions in those regions concerned – they have the potential to exacerbate current instabilities and to destabilise other countries and regions.

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