Climate and Energy Protection in the EU and China

5th Workshop on EU-Asia Relations in Global Politics

This edited volume gives an insight into climate and energy protection in China and the European Union (EU). By taking a closer look at the EU and China seperately, the book presents the current situation in terms of environmental policy and energy use/ consumption in the EU as well as in China. The book broaches the collaboration of the EU and China regarding climate and energy protection. The target audience primarily comprises research experts in the field of climate research as well as public decision makers.

Comparison of National Strategies to Promote Artificial Intelligence

Part 1

The race for world leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has begun. Since the publication of the AI strategy by the Obama administration in 2016, other countries have also started to explore ways to support the research and development (R&D) and commercialization of AI to catch up with the US, currently the leading AI nation. With this two-part publication, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation intends to give a comparative overview of the AI strategies of major national economies to provide food for thought and inspire the international debate about AI. We believe “tech is politics” and our political and civil society should debate AI and its societal implications vigorously.

Umgang mit Vergangenheit - Aufarbeitung in Deutschland seiner beiden Diktaturen

Das Thema des Umgangs mit der Geschichte, der Erinnerungskultur und der Aufarbeitung einer schwierigen und traumatischen Vergangenheit ist für alle Länder, die eine Diktatur erlebt haben, wichtig. Deutschland hat es sich zu einer seiner wichtigsten staatlichen und gesellschaftlichen Aufgabe gemacht, die Ursachen für das Entstehen von Diktaturen zu erforschen und über seine eigenen Erfahrungen zu sprechen, um Wiederholungen entgegen zu wirken.

A Salvageable Relationship?

Society and Political Parties in Latin America

For years, Latin Americans’ trust in the established political parties has found itself in a downwards spiral. This brings young movements and political novices to the scene, who have been winning elections all over the continent lately. Nevertheless, doubts are justified as to whether these political outsiders are able to solve the myriad of crises.

An Urban World

How City Networks Support the Global Order

Cities, which already represent more than half of the world’s population, are conquering fora traditionally reserved for nation states, such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the G20, sending their mayors to represent them. It is not just the practical, people-oriented approach, but also the hope for alternative models in times of great uncertainty that is putting cities in the spotlight.

Building a Nation, Building a People

Public Housing in Singapore as a Holistic, Multi-Dimensional Public Policy Construct

No single policy issue is as indicative of Singapore’s success and its social, cultural, and political DNA as its public housing. In a few decades, the city-state has transformed from a slum-invested port town into one of the world’s most developed nations. One cannot understand Singapore if one does not understand Singaporean public housing.

© European Union 2014 - European Parliament / flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In die falsche Richtung

Griechenlands Regierung kehrt zurück zu alten Ideologien

Erst vor Kurzem hat Griechenland den Euro-Rettungsschirm verlassen. Die Regierung in Athen gibt sich selbstbewusst und glaubt, damit bereits die „Rückkehr zur Normalität“ vollzogen zu haben. Doch es ist Wahlkampf und die Anzeichen mehren sich, dass Tsipras und seine Mannschaft die Rückkehr in die sozialistische Vergangenheit antreten wollen. Vor dem Hinter-grund der aktuellen Unruhe auf den Finanzmärkten verheißt das nichts Gutes für die wirtschaftliche Erholung des Krisengeschüttelten Landes.

© Johannes Höhn

A Renaissance of the Village is Possible!

On the Potential of Rural Areas in Germany and France

In both France and Germany, people are attracted to the big cities – but at the same time, the yearning for a rural life is increasing. The potential of rural regions to create identity, preserve traditions, and constitute a sense of home should not be underestimated. The economical and societal developments in the 21ˢᵗ century depend, among other things, on how the multifaceted reserves of energy in rural areas are used.

Harald Ardeias


According to United Nations estimates, two thirds of humanity will live in cities in 2050. In 1950, it was only one third. During the same period, the number of metropolises could rise from 28 to more than 40 (and by “metropolis”, we mean a settlement area of more than ten million inhabitants). While the number of people who live in urban areas is continuously rising, the rural population is noticeably shrinking. So it is not surprising that a “rural exodus” is being observed all over Europe.

© ProtoplasmaKid / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

Energie- und Klimapolitik in Lateinamerika nach 2018

Das Wahljahr 2018 in Lateinamerika könnte vor allem mit Blick auf die kommenden Regierungen in Mexiko und Brasilien den Klimamultilateralismus schwächen.

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