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Political system in Belarus

One nation – two new representative bodies?

In spring 2024, Belarusians had the “pleasure” of renewing two political bodies, both of which claim to represent the people, albeit in diametrically opposed ways: The All-Belarusian People's Assembly, appointed by Lukashenka, is intended to be the new super-authority to ensure his personal rule and the continuation of the authoritarian system, while at the same time fulfilling a demand by Vladimir Putin for internal reforms in Belarus. Staffed by 1,200 loyalists, it is also an artificial image of an “ideal society” in the eyes of the ruler, which excludes political opponents, i.e. most of the electorate, from participation. The democratic forces in exile, on the other hand, held what was probably the first Belarusian democratic election since 1994 with the elections to the Coordination Council. Technically successful, they hardly managed to arouse greater interest among the population, as the mandate, function, and potential for action of the “proto parliament” remains unclear. This report analyses how both work, how they came about and how they fit into the current political situation in and around Belarus.

Newsletter Juin Semaine N°1 2024

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique malienne

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique du Mali à travers les articles suivants : Contrebande de l'or africain vers les Emirats Arabes Unis (Dubaï) ; AES & CEDEAO: Le ministre DIOP appelle la CEDEAO à rejoindre l’AES ! et VISITE DU PRÉSIDENT SÉNÉGALAIS AU MALI : Renforcer les liens historiques et commerciaux

Amenazas y desafíos a la seguridad del Perú en el siglo XXI

Con el fin de identificar las amenazas y riesgos vigentes para la seguridad del Perú, como son los casos de narcotráfico, tala y minería ilegal, trata y tráfico de personas, crimen organizado y terrorismo. La Konrad Adenauer Stiftung y Instituto de Estudios Internacionales - IDEI-PUCP presentan el estudio de Amenazas y desafíos a la seguridad del Perú en el siglo XXI, un estudio que abarca el análisis de estos seis fenómenos que amenazan a la seguridad nacional.


“Georgian Dream” turns into a nightmare

The Georgian government is rapidly turning away from the Euro-Atlantic course. But civil society and the opposition are not giving up.

“Foreign Agents Law”, “Offshore Law” and intensified cooperation with China - fundamental political changes are emerging in Georgia. The ruling party “Georgian Dream” has taken the West by surprise with its rapid autocratization. The overwhelmingly pro-European population has been taking to the streets on a historic scale for weeks to protest against these developments. However, the government remains unimpressed and continues the confrontation. The developments are not just about the much-cited “Foreign Agents Law”, but about larger geopolitical shifts in the region. The stakes are high for the West.

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Cyprus ahead of the European elections

DISY and AKEL in close competition, key issues of natural gas, migration and the war in Ukraine, worrying entry of the far-right ELAM into the European Parliament

On 9 June, over 700,000 Cypriots will vote for the European Parliament and local representatives. Key issues are the unresolved Cyprus question, natural gas reserves, migration and the impact of the war in Ukraine. Cyprus' relations with Greece, Israel and Egypt are intensifying. Forecasts and polls ahead of the European elections show intense competition for first place between the right-wing DISY party and the left-wing AKEL party. In the run-up to the European elections, DISY has set out its positions on six key issues, while it appears to agree with AKEL on only a few issues relating to Cyprus. Worryingly, the far-right ELAM is considered certain to enter the European Parliament.

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Greece ahead of the European elections

Nea Demokratia favored despite crises, national issues dominate, EU issues such as defense and labor shortage in the background

The upcoming European elections in Greece on 9 June are being influenced by growing discontent and concern in the government camp. The rise of far-right parties, persistent inflation, a train accident in Tempi and a bugging scandal have put the governing party Nea Dimokratia (ND) in a defensive position. A few weeks before the European elections, a clear favourite is emerging: Nea Demokratia (ND) is expected to come first. The opposition party SYRIZA has secured second place, while PASOK, the socialist party, is in third place. The Greek European elections are centred around national issues. But the debate neglects critical EU issues such as defence, agricultural policy, an ageing population and labour shortages.

KAS Mongolia

Mongolian parliamentary election 2024: new rules, old style of play

Enlargement of parliament from 76 to 126 seats

Mongolia is electing a new parliament for the ninth time since the democratic transition in 1990. The election date is June 28, 2024, and once again, the rules for the election have been changed in the run-up. However, the massive use of administrative resources by the ruling party, the distribution of election gifts, and the disagreements within the largest opposition party have remained. One question is whether Mongolia's years-long slide down the democracy, media freedom, and corruption rankings can be halted. It is unlikely that democracy as a whole could be at risk.


The Netherlands on the way to forming a government

Extra-parliamentary experiment in The Hague

Six months after the snap elections in the Netherlands, four parties have agreed to work together and put forward Dick Schoof, former head of the secret service AIVD and highest-ranking civil servant in the Ministry of Justice, as a candidate for the office of Prime Minister. The fact that he previously held no political office is symbolic of the desired form of cooperation in the new government – an extra-parliamentary cabinet is to be formed comprising 50 per cent representatives of the parties supporting it and 50 per cent politically independent experts. The reason for this decision is the complicated election result in November 2023 and the strong polarisation around the right-wing populist election winner Geert Wilders. The new cabinet is to be sworn in by King Willem-Alexander at the beginning of July.

Polarisierung und Attentat

Erster Krisenbericht des DEKK Instituts und seiner Partner zu Polarisierung und Attentat

Das DEKK Institut und seine Partner analysierten den Stand der Polarisierung in der Slowakei, die öffentliche Stimmung vor und nach dem Attentat auf Ministerpräsident Robert Fico und bieten Einblicke über einige der wichtigsten Narrative, die in den Medien und in den sozialen Netzwerken kursieren. In der Schlussfolgerung des Berichts geben die Autoren Empfehlungen für den Umgang mit der zunehmenden Polarisierung und einige Beispiele für gute nach dem Attentat, die sich in anderen europäischen Ländern bewährt haben.

Russische Desinformаtion

Der deutsche Politikwissenschaftler Dr. Christopher Nehring hat eine Analyse in englischer Sprache über russische Desinformation in Südosteuropa im Vorfeld der EU-Wahlen mit wichtigen Einsichten verfasst, die unter dem Link unten rechts eingesehen werden kann.

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