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40 Jahre Auslandsinformationen

40 Jahre Auslandsinformationen, das heißt 40 Jahre Beiträge zur Information und Meinungsbildung zu relevanten Fragen der internationalen Politik. Das Magazin informiert aus erster Hand die interessierte Öffentlichkeit und Entscheidungsträger aus dem Deutschen Bundestag gleichermaßen. Dabei sind stets auch Länder und Regionen im Blickfeld, die nicht tagtäglich die politische Debatte hierzulande bestimmen. Mit Mut zur anspruchsvollen Analyse und konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen liefern die Auslandsinformationen einen wichtigen Diskussionsbeitrag, weiten den Blickwinkel und regen zum Nachdenken an. Damit tragen sie seit 40 Jahren zu einer fundierten außenpolitischen Debatte bei und liefern damit wichtige Impulse zur Gestaltung der deutschen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik.

David Mareuil, Anadolu, picture alliance

Japan-­NATO Alignment

Fostering Cooperation and Strategic Synergies

Japan’s relationship with NATO continues to evolve as part of a trajectory that connects synergies and shared concerns about how authoritarian states, specifically China and Russia, are aligning to weaken the international rules-based order, an order that has been beneficial to both Japan and all NATO members.

Iraqi Presidency Office, Zuma Press, picture alliance

Looking in All Directions

NATO Mission Iraq and the Alliance’s Role on Its Southern Flank

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO is once again focusing its attention on classic alliance defence on the eastern flank. While this shift is right, NATO should not lose sight of other threats. Above all, this applies to fragile states on the alliance’s southern periphery. With its advisory mission in Iraq, NATO is looking for ways to stabilise the region with a moderate use of resources – and to define the role the alliance itself wishes to play overall in the southern neighbourhood in the future.



More than (just) the North Atlantic

NATO was founded on April 4, 1949, by twelve countries from Europe and North America.
Since then, 20 additional countries have joined NATO in various rounds of enlargement.

KAS / Maximilian Hedrich

The world is looking for Brazil

Why Europe would do well to meet Brazil on an equal footing

Brazil is preparing for the G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro in November. Now the ninth largest economy in the world, Brazil is a key partner for Germany and Europe, is aware of this role and is acting in an emphatically self-confident manner. Relations between Brazil and Germany, as well as Europe, can look back on a long and positive history. Nevertheless, it is hard to shake off the feeling that the two sides have grown apart or become estranged. It remains to be hoped that European voices are right and that the strategic association agreement between the South American economic bloc Mercosul and the EU is not "dead" after all.

30 Jahre KAS in Bulgarien

Am 28.03.2024 feierte die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ihr 30-jähriges Bestehen in Bulgarien. Bei der Veranstaltung wurde die bulgarische Übersetzung des Buches „Notizen zu Adenauer“ von Hans-Peter Schwarz, dem besten Kenner der Biographie des ersten deutschen Bundeskanzlers nach 1949 und Namensgeber unserer Stiftung, vorgestellt. An der Veranstaltung nahmen Dr. Gerhard Wahlers, Stellv. Generalsekretär der KAS und Leiter der Abteilung Europäische und Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Maria Gabriel, Bojko Borissow und Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, Leiter der Stiftung in Bulgarien als Referenten teil. Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern und Freunden in Bulgarien arbeiten wir an der Vertiefung der EU- und NATO-Integration des Landes, an demokratischen Werten und Rechtsstaatlichkeit, an denen wir uns in unserer Arbeit orientieren. In den letzten 30 Jahren hat Bulgarien in allen Bereichen bedeutende Fortschritte gemacht, und die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hat diese positive Entwicklung nach Kräften unterstützt.

Alte und neue algerische Alumni der KAS treffen sich zu in einem geselligen Ramadan-Abend

Im Zeichen des Teilens, der Zusammenarbeit und des Engagements für ein prosperierendes Algerien.

In einem von Geselligkeit und Offenheit geprägten Rahmen kamen die algerischen Alumni der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung während des heiligen Monats Ramadan zu einem besonderen Iftar zusammen. Ein besonderer Iftar, denn traditionell gehört der Iftar im Kreis der Familie zum festen Bestandteil des Ramadan.

Enhancing Pacific Ecosystems for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Roundtable Policy Dialogue

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Australia) was pleased to support the Griffith Asia Institute’s Roundtable Policy Dialogue on “Enhancing Pacific Ecosystems for Entrepreneurship and Innovation” held on 26/27 March 2024 in Brisbane.

Best Practice Publication

“Great Lakes Youth Network for Dialogue and Peace. Our Diversity - our opportunity”

This “best-practice publication” is part of the EU-funded project “Great Lakes Network for Dialogues and Peace - Our Diversity - Our Opportunity!”. The publication shall act like a platform on which voices from inside of the action are demonstrated. Voices from stakeholders involved in the action are shown in chapter 1. Best-practice cases from the action and recommendations for future actions outlined in chapter 2. Participating youth initiatives were asked to write down their own subjective success stories, a collection of these success stories can be found in chapter 3. Finally, a list of participating youth initiatives can be seen in chapter 4.

IMAGO / Le Pictorium

New president with an absolute majority

Senegal has great expectations of Bassirou Diomaye Faye

Senegal has elected a new president: Political newcomer Bassirou Diomaye Faye will be the country's youngest president to date. He was the strong favourite in this election and, according to provisional figures, won 57% of the votes. This election result represents a dream come true for the young Senegalese. A man of the people, without the potentially burdensome vita of an experienced politician, has now been entrusted with the fate of the country for the next five years. Faye's programme stands for a replacement of the establishment, more opportunities for young people and social and economic inclusion. After the election, the vision will now meet political reality.

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Facts and Findings

Selected contributions to the series with international relevance

The series informs in a concentrated form about important positions of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung on current topics. The individual issues present key findings and recommendations, offer brief analyses, explain the Foundation's further plans and name KAS contact persons.


International Reports

Journal for international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation

International Reports (IR) is the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's periodical on international politics. It offers political analyses by our experts in Berlin and from more than 100 offices across all regions of the world. Contributions by named authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial team.

EPP Party Barometer

The Situation of the European People's Party in the EU

The EPP Party Barometer illustrates the current situation of the EPP party family in the EU. On a non-regular basis, it provides a concise overview of current election results, polls from the member states and the composition of the party family.


In our series "Interviews", talks and discussions are held with experts from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. on various topics.


Concise, reduced to the essentials, but always highly topical. In our series "kurzum", our experts summarise an issue or problem on a maximum of two pages.

Country Reports

Short political reports of the KAS offices abroad

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a political foundation. Our offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The country reports offer current analyses, exclusive evaluations, background information and forecasts - provided by our international staff.

Event Reportsd

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, its educational institutions, centres and foreign offices, offer several thousand events on various subjects each year. We provide up to date and exclusive reports on selected conferences, events and symposia at In addition to a summary of the contents, you can also find additional material such as pictures, speeches, videos or audio clips.