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Special Report: Refugees

Migration and Refugees in Lebanon and beyond

A Special Report published by Executive Magazine in collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Lebanon Office

Politics and Democracy - Concepts and History for interpreting reality


The publication "Politics & Democracy - Concepts and History for the Interpretation of Reality", by Humberto Dantas and Leandro Salman Torelli, takes a comprehensive look at the history and foundations of politics and democracy, both on the global stage and in the Brazilian context. The book's chapters are divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to the analysis of democracy and citizenship in their development, from Ancient Greece, culminating in today's societies. The second part is dedicated to the history of Brazilian democracy, covering its various historical phases and featuring several of its most significant moments. Available for free download, "Politics & Democracy" is an excellent opportunity for a wide audience - from high school students to teachers - to broaden their understanding of the political and social reality in Brazil, as well as making evident the need to always seek an increasingly democratic society.

IMAGO / Petr Stojanovski

Presidential and parliamentary elections in North Macedonia: victory for the opposition VMRO-DPMNE

VMRO-DPMNE returns to government after seven years

This may in the Republic of North Macedonia presidential- and parliamentary elections took place. The EPP-party VMRO-DPMNE could celebrate an outstanding victory in both elections. The president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski becomes new primeminister and Gordana Siljanovska Davkova was elected as first woman as president of the country. The main topics of the elections were the dysfunctionality of the state, corruption and the dramatic situation in the healthcare and education system. The EU accession was not an important topic during the electoral campaigns. The ruling social democrats suffered a devastating defeat. The future government will be coalition of VMRO-DPMNE, Albania opposition alliance and the small party ZNAM of former social democrats. The new government will face a lot of challenges in the country but also on international level. The unsolved identity issues with Bulgaria and new discussions about the Prespes-agreement may continue to obstacle the path towards EU. The new government has to act wisely and less emotionally. Indeed at the moment there are more opposite moves. Domestically the new government will focus on economic development and attract foreign investments.

Navigating the Storm?

The EU, the UK and Trump 2.0

This paper assesses the possible impact of a Trump presidency on transatlantic relations, European security, and the UK-EU relationship. First, it sets out what risks a second Trump presidency would pose for the UK and the EU, focusing on security and trade. Second, it analyses how the EU and the UK are thinking about and preparing for the prospect of a second Trump presidency. Finally, it assesses how a second Trump presidency could affect UK-EU relations and how likely it is to spark greater co-operation.

KAS RP Parteiendialog und Demokratie in LA

Primaries in Uruguay

Starting signal for the hot election campaign phase

The primaries on June 30 marked the beginning of an intense campaign season leading up to the parliamentary and presidential elections in Uruguay this autumn. As anticipated, Alvaro Delgado secured a decisive victory in the Partido Nacional. However, the unexpected selection of Valeria Ripoll as his running mate sparked considerable discontent within the party. Meanwhile, the Partido Colorado witnessed a generational shift with the election of Andrés Ojeda. Although, the opposition left-wing Frente Amplio has started strongly with a united front, early signs of fractures are already apparent. The race in October promises to be thrilling.

Modèles de développement et monde multipolaire : quel avenir pour les pays du Maghreb ?

Colloque international

Le 9ème colloque international tenu à Tunis a permis d’aborder diverses thématiques concernant l’avenir des pays du Maghreb dans un monde multipolaire. Au terme de deux jours d’échanges et de communications, plusieurs questions clés et recommandations ont émergé.

Newsletter Juillet Semaine N°2 2024

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique malienne

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique du Mali à travers les articles suivants : ALLIANCE DES ÉTATS DU SAHEL (AES) : Ce qu’il faut retenir du 1er sommet des chefs d’États ; PARTENARIAT NUCLÉAIRE : Des ingénieurs maliens bientôt formé par la Russie ; ainsi que CEDEAO : Faye mandaté pour discuter avec le Burkina, le Mali et le Niger

CANVA Ai Image Generator / Elias Marini-Schäfer

End of Hindu nationalism or return of caste politics?

Lessons from the Indian parliamentary elections

In the wake of the Indian parliamentary elections, a number of German media outlets saw the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) loss of its parliamentary majority as a victory for democracy and a sign of the Indian population's resistance to Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalism. Headlines included slogans such as: "India decides against Hindu nationalism and authoritarian tendencies” and “Democracy won instead of Modi”. But did the voters really turn against the Hindutva ideology of the BJP? Has the BJP overplayed its Hindu nationalist card? This article attempts to find answers to these questions and explain why the general election result was much more than a vote against Hindutva and perceived authoritarian tendencies.

Isra News Articles March-June 2024

Read Thai investigative reporting by Isra News Agency published between March and June 2024.

With the support of KAS Thailand, Isra News Agency brought to you the latest development on the issues of good governance, the rule of law, public policies, and environmental issues in Thailand between March and June 2024. All articles are in Thai with an English version of one article available.

i.Law TH

Thailand's Quest for Democracy and the Rule of Law

Trials and setbacks since the formation of the government in 2023

After a decade under a military junta (2014-2019) and a military-dominated government (2019-2023), Thailand held a successful general election in May 2023. The results signaled a rejection of pro-military and conservative factions. The Pheu Thai Party (PTP), which came second in the election, formed a coalition government with eleven other parties, including conservative and military-aligned factions such as the United Thai Nation (UTN) led by former Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who had ousted a PTP government in the 2014 coup. Meanwhile, the election winner, the progressive and reform-oriented Move Forward Party (MFP), remains in opposition despite winning 14 million out of around 39 million votes nationwide, making it the largest faction in the National Assembly with 151 MPs. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and his ministers have emphasized Thailand’s commitment to democratic principles. However, in its annual report on political rights and civil liberties published in March 2024, Freedom House rated Thailand as only "partly free", giving the country a score of 36 out of 100.1 This Country Report presents Thailand’s challenges and efforts in pursuing democracy, human rights, and the rule of law since the 2023 government formation.

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EPP Party Barometer

The Situation of the European People's Party in the EU

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