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France ahead of the parliamentary elections

Nail-biter for Macron, France and Europe

The resounding victory of the Rassemblement National in the European elections on 9 July and the fact that the governing Renaissance party only received half as many votes as the right-wing populists led President Emmanuel Macron to the decision to dissolve the National Assembly on the evening of the election and announce new elections to be held on 30 June and 7 July. The parties had until 16 June just one week, to draw up their electoral lists and form possible electoral alliances. The early parliamentary elections, which will be held in two rounds, will be a nail biter for Macron, who is playing high stakes and gambling with his own political fate. France is in danger of reaching an impasse for the next legislative period. The scenario of cohabitation seems very realistic in view of current poll results. Europe would then be faced with a right-wing populist prime minister in one of the founding states of the EU. The Franco-German engine would stutter even more.

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Nairobi: Storming of the Parliament

The Republic of Kenya in Turmoil

The protests against the planned tax increases in Kenya escalated on Tuesday when demonstrators stormed the parliament in Nairobi. Among other things, the governor's office was set on fire and numerous politicians had to be evacuated. The riots have already resulted in several deaths.


Magazine of Civil Society ADALAZAMAT No. 2 (03-04) 2024

Applications Open for BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting in Croatia

The BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting returns this August to the Croatian coastal village of Mlini, with a number of award-winning journalists and editors as trainers.

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In Search of the Least Evil

The ÖVP between the European and National Council Elections

Around 6.4 million Austrians are among the 3.6 billion people worldwide who will be able to vote in the super election year of 2024, most of whom will be going to the ballot box several times – or have already done so. The focus of attention will be on the National Council election on September 29, which follows the recent European elections by a considerable margin. There are also state elections in Vorarlberg and Styria. Since June 9, the motto "after the election is before the election" has applied to federal politics, as for most of the Austrian parties, the European elections were merely a "preliminary skirmish", conducted with little enthusiasm, for the much more decisive election in the fall from an Austrian perspective. Nevertheless, the results of the European elections, which were surprising in many respects, could well have set the course for the National Council elections in the fall.

Weathering Climate Risks toward Positive Peace in Post-Conflict BARMM

In the inaugural 2024 issue of the Adenauer Young Researcher’s Report, former KAS Philippines intern Kuhlyn Salazar delves into why climate change and its impacts should be a pivotal focus in the BARMM's policy agenda.

In the eye of the storm

Resilience against extreme weather events in the MENA region

The rising incidence of extreme weather events in MENA underscores the urgent need for better preparedness and integration of adaptive strategies into national planning to mitigate economic and social challenges.


Presidential Elections 2024 in Mauritania

A pillar of hope in the Sahel region

Presidential elections are due to be held in Mauritania on June 29, 2024. Despite general expecta-tions that the incumbent President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani will be re-elected, political tension remains, including for partners in Europe. This is because Mauritania has gained in importance for the EU in recent years in the Sahel region, which is experiencing coups. The European Union has concluded security and migration cooperation agreements with the only democratically elected government in the Sahel region. The desert state therefore plays an important role as a connecting country between the countries of the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa.

Scholarships for Study and Research in Germany

Closing date for applications: July 15th 2024

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung awards scholarships to international students from Ukraine to study at one of the over 400 universities in Germany. Our scholarship program aims at international students and graduates who have acquired a university degree and who intend to complete postgraduate or master studies, doctoral studies or a research fellowship of at least four semesters at a university in Germany.

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GERB wins again in sixth parliamentary election in a row and is also victorious in the European elections

A country in search of political stability

On 9 June, parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria for the sixth time in just over two years to coincide with the European elections, because GERB-SDS and PP-DB were unable to agree in March to continue their cooperation in the government by changing the prime minister after nine months. The incumbent Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov of PP-DB was to be replaced by Maria Gabriel of GERB, but this did not materialise due to internal contradictions within PP-DB.

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