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After the elections is before the elections

France is in crisis after the European elections

The European elections set an important course for the European Union in the coming years. At stake are the framework conditions for democracy, prosperity and security against the backdrop of a changing geopolitical world, but in France the national perspective dominated, and this election was framed as a mid-term election for the Macron government. The European elections in France ended with a bang. The overwhelming victory of the Rassemblement National and the fact that the ruling Renaissance party received only half as many votes as the right-wing populists led President Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the National Assembly on the evening of the election and announce new elections to be held on 30 June and 7 July.

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European elections 2024


The lack of equality for people with disabilities is still omnipresent in the European Union. For the 2019 European elections, a report by the European Economic and Social Committee showed that around 800,000 EU citizens from 16 member states were excluded from the right to vote in European elections due to national regulations because of their disabilities or mental illness. The European elections in June 2024 brought the issue back to the fore, as it is also about a lack of political participation. Here you will find a brief assessment by our KAS colleagues who have looked at the current conditions in their countries of assignment.

Exploring the Security Landscape of Telegram: Insights and Concerns

by Dr. Nikola Tulechki, Martin Stamenov

In a rare public appearance on 17 April 2024, on popular US right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson’s podcast[1], we saw a smiling and optimistic tech prodigy, Pavel Durov, explaining the unique features of his social media platform Telegram. Through the lens of Durov’s libertarian world views, Carlson enthusiastically pitched Telegram to his millions of followers as the place to be if one wants to communicate freely in an unmoderated environment. Durov on the other hand celebrated how easy it is to do business in his new home, Dubai, and how freedom is his core personal value. Both skilfully dodged the thorny issues of the platform’s cooperation with autocratic governments and the details of the encryption paradigms used. These issues combined cast severe doubt on Telegram’s safety. In this article, we will explore the history of Telegram and its security landscape. We will focus on the risks it poses to the user and to society as a whole.

Gestion des marchés publics

Mohamed Nabih's new publication on public procurement management, in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Maroc.


The Pope at the G7 summit

How to tame artificial intelligence?

It is a strong message: Pope Francis will be the first pontiff in history to attend a G7 summit on June 14, 2024. His visit will be about nothing less than the future of humanity. How will artificial intelligence change our world? Where are the opportunities, where are the risks? Are we even equipped for this quantum leap in civilization? The heads of state and government will address these questions in depth. In their talks with the Pope, everything will revolve around the ethical and moral aspects. Basically, everyone agrees in advance that binding international rules are needed. The Holy See has made considerable preparations for this in recent years. What does Francis have to say to the G7? An analysis.

Newsletter Juin Semaine N°2 2024

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique malienne

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique du Mali à travers les articles suivants : Prorogation de la transition : La question divise les Maliens; GRÈVE ILLIMITÉE DES BANQUES ET DU SECTEUR PÉTROLIER : Fin du Bras de fer entre Synabef et Magistrats; et aussi un article sur EDUCATION : Le Premier Forum Russie-Afrique tenue à Bamako.

Newsletter Juin Semaine N°4 2024

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique malienne

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique du Mali à travers les articles suivants : Leaders politiques sous mandat de dépôt : réactions vives de l'opposition; ainsi que MALI : Al Hassan coupable de crimes de guerre et crimes contre l'humanité

Newsletter Juin Semaine N°3 2024

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique malienne

Ce Newsletter touche à l'actualité politique du Mali à travers les articles suivants : Grève du SYNABEF : L’inévitable mue de l’UNTM ; An III de la rectification de la transition : L’heure d’un choix responsable pour l’avenir de la république

U.S. Mission / Eric Bridiers / flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

Geneva Telegram on the 77th World Health Assembly

The "Geneva Telegram" deals with events in Geneva's multilateral organizations, this time the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA), which met in Geneva from May 27 to June 1, 2024.

The 77th session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) marked significant progress in the global health agenda. A milestone was the adoption of the 14th General Programme of Work (GPW14) 2025-2028, which defines the future priorities and strategies of the World Health Organization (WHO). Another key topic was the launch of the investment round, which is expected to culminate in November at the G20 summit in Brasília, to make WHO's financing more predictable, flexible, and resilient.

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Poland as a strong security guarantor on NATO’s eastern flank

What can a successful modernization of the Polish armed forces mean for Europe and Germany?

Core elements of Polish security and defense policy are a strong perception of the threat posed by Russia, strong ties to NATO and intensive bilateral relations with the USA. A hallmark of Polish defense policy is a strengthening of security resilience, which is being consistently pursued despite the change of government. The radical modernization of the armed forces is being achieved through increased funding (3.9 percent of GDP), a new concept of general defense, a planned increase in troops and new purchases of mostly US equipment. The Republic of Poland will not become a security guarantor for Eastern Europe in the medium term without foreign arms imports. This requires European and American support, coordination and scaling. If this succeeds, the eastern flank would be more secure than ever in history.

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