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Medien-Buchkritik zu "Professional Journalism" und "Human Trafficking" in Afghanistan

KAS / Pajhwok Medien-Roundtable

On 13 June, the KAS Office Afghanistan organised in cooperation with Pajhwok News Agency a Book Review Ceremony on the recent publications of "Professional Journalism" and "Human Trafficking", written by Danish Karokhel (Editor-in-Chief Pajhwok).


Human Trafficking” and “Professional Journalism” are the extraordinary works by Danish Karokhel, a senior Afghan journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Pajhwok news agency, that have recently been printed. The author has spent time and effort to identify useful and sensitive news reporting methods for Afghan journalists working in precarious security environments and covering sensitive issues in their country.


Senior Afghan authors, journalists, media experts and intellectuals were invited to participate in the presentation ceremony of these two books in order to review and analyze his work for the Afghan media community and to discuss the professional, technical, and security challenges of the Afghan media community in their daily work.

Discussion Languages: Pashtu, Dari


Welcome & Introduction

Dr. Ellinor Zeino, KAS Resident Representative

Introduction of the agenda


​​​​Presentation and introduction of the two books “Professional Journalism” and “Human Trafficking”

Danish Karokhel, Pajhwok Editor-in-Chief; Author

Book Review of “Professional Journalism”

Prof. Habibullah Rafi, Author and historian

Book Review of “Professional Journalism”

Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, Afghanistan Regional Studies Center, former Deputy Minister of Tribal and Border Affairs

Importance of Academic Research in the Afghan Media Sector

Ms. Malalai Shinwari, Presidential Advisor, former MP and BBC correspondent

A short assessment of “Professional Journalism”

Ms. Najiba Ayubi, Head of TKG; Director of DHSA media association

Technical challenges in the Daily Life of Afghan journalists

Mr. Zubair Shafiqi, Editor-in-Chief Wesaa Daily Newspaper

A short assessment of “Professional Journalism”

Mr. Sayed Ikram Afzali, Director Integrity Watch

A short review

Mr. Najib Manalai, Author, linguist and historian

Traditionalizing democracy - The Role of the Afghan Media after the 9/11 attacks

Mr. Mushtaq Rahim, Director AAU Afghanistan Affairs Unit

Summary Remarks

Ms. Saeda Mojgan

Dinner Reception

Here you will find the program for download: Buch Copy Human Trafficking IB19-006 .pdf

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Migration und Human Trafficking in Afghanistan: Danish Karokhel (2019): "Human Trafficking"
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Professional Journalism in Conflict Countries: Danish Karokhel (2019): "Professional Journalism"
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Dr. Ellinor Zeino

Ellinor Zeino

Head of the Southwest Asia Regional Programme
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KAS Kabul
August 21, 2019
Book Review on "Professional Journalism" & "Human Trafficking" KAS Kabul
Book Review on "Professional Journalism" & "Human Trafficking" KAS Kabul
2019-06-13 RT Book Review Pajhawok KAS Kabul