Promotion of obligatory membership of Trade & Business Associations by Enterprises

Sensitisation Workshop

For members of trade and business associations (TBA) in the Northern Region


In Ghana, trade and business associations (TBA) are unable to function as expected due to poor funding, divergent and conflicting views and perspectives as well as poor shared values. It has therefore become important to form various associations to integrate all these enterprises together. But very few enterprises are registered with one of these associations. For trade and business associations to have a strong membership base and to support the business community, there is the need for guildelines or regulations to pressurize enterprises to join at least one association of their choice. These associations are expected to articulate the concerns and challenges of the business community in their respective areas to policy makers. The formation and advocacy of concerns towards the Government are aspects of the functions of a Social Market Economy.

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Klaus D. Loetzer

Head of the KAS office in Tunisia