Wa: Strengthening Traditional Authorities for Governance and Natural Resource Management at the Local Level

Workshop for the Promotion of District Level Councils of Traditional Authorities

Promotion of District Council of Traditional Authorities in order to integrate traditional power structures and values into the modern state system for enhanced local participation and development.


Zonal Workshop to promote District Council of Traditional Authorities


Since 2004, CIKOD has been engaging Traditional Authorities (TAs) in the Upper West Region (UWR) with the view to strengthening their capacities to be able to articulate the views of their communities on land issues and other development concerns for sustainable community-led land and natural resource management and poverty reduction.

In 2006, CIKOD in collaboration and sponsorship from KAS organized a workshop for the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs. The objective of the workshop was to enhance the policy dialogue process between the Upper Regional House of Chiefs, Government and donor agencies on the possibilities of resourcing the Traditional Authorities for sustainable land administration and development.

As a follow-up workshop in 2007, the chiefs in the UWR resolved to establish platforms towards building a common vision and strategies for working together as traditional authorities in the region. They therefore agreed to establish/strengthen the 3 Confederacies or Zones that already existed.

As a follow-up to this objective, 3 District Level workshops in Lara, Tumu and Wechau are being organized to promote the formation of District Councils of Traditional Authorities in the UWR. The workshop will seek to define the desired change that the TAs seek for their communities and the various zones/confederacies and devise strategies for working together towards attaining the desired change. It will also address the duality of governance that exist as the lower level.

Theme: Strengthening Traditional Authorities for Governance and Natural Resource Management at the Local Level.


  1. To strengthen the Traditional Authorities in the Upper West Region to provide effective and efficient leadership for their communities in governance and natural resource management.
  2. To build synergies for Traditional Leaders in the Upper West Region to engage with the District Assembly structures at the local level
  3. To create awareness on the potentials of gold mining and land management for addressing poverty at the lower level.

  • Effective strategies for working with the District Assembly at the local level
  • Awareness created on the potentials of Land and Gold Mining for addressing poverty at the lower level
  • Concrete Action Plans for working together as Traditional Authorities
Topics and Resource Persons

1) The Current and Future Role of the District Level Structures at the:

  • Unit Committee
  • Area Councils
  • Various Committees in the District Assembly
by the District Coordinating Director

2) Gold Mining and Poverty Reduction:- Hopes and Challenges for the District


3) Planning for Strengthening the Activities of the District/Zonal Councils

by Programme Director, CIKOD

4) Syndicate Group work

facilitated by Programme Director, CIKOD


Participants are drawn from the Paramount Chiefs, sub- Chiefs, development workers, District Assembly staff, members of the decentralised departments, National Commission for Civic Educations, women groups, youth groups, land owners and community leaders.

Venue and Date

Zone >> Date >> Venue

Wa Zone>> 31/03/08-02/04/2008 >> Wa

Lawra Zone >> 04/04/2008 >> Lawra

Sissala Zone >> 07/04/2008 >> Tumu


Wilberforce Laatey/ Ben Guri

Post Office CT 4131

021-518045/ 506352


Isaac Owusu-Mensah

Post Office Box CT1105


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  • Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD)

    Klaus D. Loetzer

    Head of the KAS office in Tunisia