Event Reports

Seminar Social Market Economy March 2019

by Martha Kontodaimon, Iris Raith

March 2019, Nafplion

The KAS Office for Greece and Cyprus organized a successful seminar on Social Market Economy in the beautiful city of Nafplion.
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The seminar started with an introduction in basic economic notions, the theory of “Ordoliberalism” and the model of Social Market Economy by Martha Kontodaimon, Research Associate of KAS Greece and Cyprus. The program of the second day included sessions on how Germany was re – built after the Second World War and the importance of good institutions for long-term economic development, held by Antonio Farfán-Vallespín, Researcher in the Department of Statistics and Econometrics at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. The third day focused more on Market Extroversion, why it is important, how it helps development and how one can establish an ecosystem through institutional disruption. Those sessions were held by Dr. Tobias Lechtenfeld, Economist at the World Bank, who assessed them with longer discussions on real life examples. The last day was focused on the participants’ presentations where they had to apply the knowledge they received during the seminar.

During the seminars of Social Market Economy the participants are taught the key principles of the economic theory behind it and the model applied in Germany and Europe. The series is a KAS initiative which aims to enhance the information and the knowledge around its guiding principles.


Martha Kontodaimon

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Project Manager - Research Associate

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